[Year was not written, but was determined from birthday mentioned in letter]

July 26th [Saturday 26 Jul 1879]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow 1831-1915]

After finishing my hasty letter on Thursday 24th [Thursday 24 Jul 1879], We started at 7 P.M. [7:00 PM] and drove up in the cool of the evening to Bro [Brother] J. B. Nobles [Joseph Bates Noble 1810-1900] taking with us Sister Anne [? Anna Beckstrom Snow 1825-1911] I visited and the next day 25th [Friday 25 Jul 1879] being Susan Grants [Susan Fairchild Noble 1832-1914] 47th Birthday, Rachel [Rachel Ridgway Ivins Grant 1821-1909] & Lucy [Lucy Stringham Grant 1858-1893] , Bishop Woolley [Bishop Edwin Dilworth Woolley 1807-1881] & wife, Sisters Horrocks and Maybin and Noble and wife together with ourselves and Susans children gave her a surprise Party and Picknic [picnic] at her house. and spent a very agreeable afternoon. In the forenoon I drove to Centreville [Centerville, Utah] and called on Abigale Nesler and on Eliza Dalrymple near there and on Benjamin Nobles folks at Bountifull [Bountiful] where we found with with [sic] each a young babe but all doing well. The two latter families talking of making South [St. George, Utah] in the fall and Joining Edward in a new settlement. Some Diphtheria prevails in that neighbohood as well as in this city [Salt Lake City, Utah] but not so fatal as heretofore. We returned home late last evening [Friday 25 Jul 1879] and found Dora [Dora Crooks Pratt Snow 1860-1939] still up but this morning She is complaining and sending for her mother and then I presume next for the Midwife. I am having quite a rest and wish you were to here to share it. Am glad the girls are having an out. Hope Flora [Florence Snow Woolley, b. 1856] will also have a good out. Yours & E. S. [Erastus Snow 1818-1888]