Salt Lake City July 24th/79 [Salt Lake City, Utah Thursday 24 Jul 1879]

Dear Elisabeth Your very welcome letter of the 16th inst. [instant – Wednesday 16 Jul 1879] reached me on the 22nd [Tuesday 22 Jul 1879] and was a herbnger [harbinger] of good cheer and let me understand that you were not altogether marked down this hot weather even if you were left alone with the boys & Brot. Weaver to care for. Am pleased to know that the watter [water] arrangement is working satisfactorally [satisfactorily] and you are permitted to enjoy it if I cannot with you, which I assure you would afford me great pleasure and I hope soon to do so, say early in Sept. [Sep 1879] I am glad the girls are having an out [outing] and they will enjoy it. I sent with Coop goods a little more 3/4 in piping & a tee which Bro Leuber wrote for so he can finish carrying the water into Baths above and below. Please tell him to call for it when the teams arrive. I also sent your sack Sugar & case Oil with same. I presume it was charged on the Coop Bills but I will pay for it and send receipt to you to present when you call for them at the Store. You did not mention whether Bro Eyrings girl had taken Josephines [Josephine Snow] place although I infered [inferred] it by her going with Tony [Anthony ] & Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] to the Lake. I gave your sisters Susan & Louisa a ride on Sunday [20 Jul 1879] and Susan visited us here. They are all well. Mary still at Bingham [Bingham, Utah] Louisa told me George had again been under arrest for being caught with another man's horse and also that Harriets daughter Almedia was working in a bording [boarding] house at Bingham [Bingham, Utah] much to our surprize [surprise]. I shall rely on you to redeem my $50.00 due bill when Pixton presents it if you have to borrow it of the Coop. Ought we not to have a good carpet in the Old Office room? shall I get one. Tell Hardy to give me the morning water for cistern according to vote of City Council and such platt as he deserves. God bless you all. write often. E. Snow [Erastus Snow]