Nephi May 1st/79 [Nephi, Utah Thursday 1 May 1879]

Dear Elisabeth I have longed for a letter from your own hand about yourself and all your family matters. I sent you a Telegram from here 13 days [Friday 18 Apr 1879] ago telling you I must return to Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] and hoped then to get a letter certain, but not a word by letter or Telegram. Only from others I hear all is well at home which is of course good news what there is of it.

I have been as usual on a rush and only regretted as all your friends north do that you were not with me to cheer me in my cares and labors and rest yourself instead of drudging at home. I only got Bro Taylors [John Taylor] consent to start yesterday morning [Wednesday 20 Apr 1879] to visit Sanpete and Severe counties on a special mission and to return soon (promised that possibley [possibly] when I reach Richfield [Richfield, Utah] Thursday 8th [8 May 1879]. I may have priviledge [privilege of a week or ten days furlough to run home and back again. I have the girls Bonnets along and Ellor & Aunt Mariette. Have sent with Coop goods, now being loaded at York [York, Utah]. 12" Tea. a sack sugar, Box soap a can Cerocine [Kerosene] Oil and one of Linsead [Linseed] Oil 9 Kegs White bread, a piece shirting for our boys generally and a piece for summer pants for them. Also curtains for office and gate hinges and fastenings for 3 small gates Tell Miles P. not to get hangings untill [until] these arrive. Have sent post enough Gal. [galvanized] piping and more coming for bringing water into the House from above Julias [Julia Josephine Specer Snow] house. I have borrowed fifty Dollars [$50.00] of Bro Pinkston and given promise for you to pay it from income of House. Get Miles P. to put in the wood post and Timber the Zink [zinc] lining for your little bath tub and move the other up stairs [upstairs]. Tell Lucker [?] I have ordered 1 1/4 inch lead pipe to make the connexions [connections] with the Bathtubs. Hoping soon to see you and that you will feel like taking an out [outing] this summer. I remain your loving husband Erastus Snow

P.S. If you go out Ashby and one of the other little ones can go to Miless I shall be finally settled up for Mexico instead of M. Thatcher [Moses Thatcher] which is doubtfull [doubtful]. E.S. [Erastus Snow]