Utahville, Arizona

Oct 13 1878 [Sunday 13 Oct 1878]

My dear Wife and family

I wrote a few hasty lines from the Little Colorado [Little Colorado, Arizona ?] to Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow] and again a few lines with a pencil to Minerva [Minerva White Snow] from Tucson [Tucson, Arizona] last week, but had not received a line or word from home until I arrived home on Saturday coming the 12th inst. [instant – Saturday 12 Oct 1878] When I found a pile of letters from various quarters including one each from Minerva [Minerva White Snow], Erastus B [Erastus Beman Snow], Moroni [Moroni Snow] & Edward [Edward Hunter Snow]. He giving me an account of the accident to George Albert [George Albert Snow]. Edwards [Edward Hunter Snow] being dated 5 days after that unfortunate affair says that he was then able to walk about and I trust re this he has altogether recovered.

I fail not in my prayers for you all, that the hand of God may be over you for good to keep you from sin and all harm. and I feel grateful for the preservation of George Albert [George Albert Snow] in the time of such iminent [eminent] peril. I trust it will be a lesson to himself and Levi [Levi Mason Snow] and rest of the family to watch unto prayer, that their guardian angel may ever keep and care them when evil spirits spread snares for their destruction. Our company is all well we have traveled already nearly 1000 miles since I left home and will have nearly 500 more to reach home again. We expect to leave here tomorrow [Monday 12 Oct 1878] by way of the Tonto Basin [Tonto Basin, Arizona], the falls of the Little Colorado [Little Colorado, Arizona], Lee's Ferry [Lee's Ferry, Arizona] & Kanab [Kanab, Utah] and hope to see you on the 2nd of November [Saturday 2 Nov 1878] if the Lord will. Bro August Wilkin is traveling with us, but very sick with the Chills & Fever the Saints upon this cross are generally well this is a fine farming region and seems healthy and some good people here and others not so good as they might be. we are laboring to settle their difficulty and put them on better footing. Praying God to bless you all. I remain your loving husband

Erastus Snow

This must suffice for all that have written to me from home as we have many letters to answer and time limited.