Bellvue Friday Morning June 28th/98

My Dear Elisabeth, I hope you are somewhat rested and better in mind and body than you were when I left you. I called and bought a matress [mattress] $16.00 at the Factory (Tell Levi or George Albert as they go to mill Saturday to call for it) Also dined at John E. Paces and engaged Griffin to come and work for you and tend garden & you wood, cows etc as soon as John's School terminates which John says may be soon as it may last 4 weeks yet will decide this week.

I came off without my shaving tools, please send them by Missia if she starts tomorrow so as to overtake us at Parrowan Monday or at the Lake. Also my drawers. I want you to ask Moroni to examine how I put springs on Minervas bedstead and then get those springs at Arthurs mothers to put with yours and fix up one of your bedsteads for matrasses [mattresses] or strawticks top of Springs. shucks are better for summer matrasses [mattresses] than cotton if we could get them. If Orson continues poorly, the boys must buy you a good load of wood. Speak to Moroni & E. W. about buying it immediately. I Pray God bless you and your households as I do; and help you to preserve the Holy Spirit in their midst by prayer and patience, may the way open up for getting what is needfull. Yours in haste

Erastus Snow


P.S. I feel the necessity of your guarding well you girls against insidious advances of your patrons as you are drifting towards a public house, that is your liable to receive strangers who cannot be trusted and if allowed any liberties some may abuse them and no amount of money could over compensate for loss of reputation or conscience or rather for a feeling that one of our dear ones had be inveigled into a snare, by a serpent whom we had fondled in our house. I know that your feelings do not differ from mine in this respect, but perhaps I am more suspicious than you, but if so it is because I have seen more of the world and its intrigues.