Ogden May 2-/78 [Ogden, Utah Thursday 2 May 1878]

My Dear Elisabeth

I begin to feel anxious again to hear from you personally. If I cannot see you It affords me much real pleasure to get a good letter from your own hand. I cannot complain for I have been quite as neglectfull [neglectful] as you have I know your cares and feel that you have to [too] many and are laboring too hard. You have good girls to help, but no man to do out door work and see to providing fuel & supplies for the large House and family under your care. I hope you and the girls will be able to coax Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow] & Noni to favour [favor] you as far as they can from the T. O. [Tithing Office] with wood or other supplies. But with Orson [Orson Pratt Snow] to do the teaming and no extra man or boy to call on your wants must be neglected. If any reliable steady man could be hired at reasonable wages to tend the big lots and your house fuel cows etc. I should be glad to have you or E. W. [Erastus White Snow] engage such a one.

I fear the lots are being neglected and my affairs generally, because I realize that E. W. [Erastus White Snow] is overloaded with business. E. B. [Erastus Beman Snow] not returned to help him, and Noni occupied at the [Tithing] Office, and Frank [Franklin Richards Snow] with his own family and the Jones Lot as well as his own & Willards [Willard Snow] on the Hill, coupled with T. O. [Tithing Office] & Factory books, more than he can do as it should be done. I sent you a card after receiving your letter and promised you a letter soon, but it has seemed with my much correspondence, and much labor with Trustee property & Books and other church business, coupled with visiting Conferences, I allow myself to put of [off] everything which does not force itself upon me.

I visited Toelee [Tooele, Utah] and Woolleys and other friends at Grantsville [Grantsville, Utah] and dined at Lake point [Lake Point, Utah] with Melissa as I returned. All well. Mary and her husband, Genia [?] and all the boys at home, and seem to be doing very well. I was quite interested in visiting several Artesian out flowing wells lately obtained by boreing [boring] in Grantsville [Grantsville, Utah]. Depth varying from fifty to seventy five feet [50 to 75 feet]. Minerva [Minerva White Snow] has kept close at home since I came up. Anne [Anna Beckstrom ?] being poorly she has assisted in housekeeping and taken care of me and the boys, and fitted the rooms for Willard [Willard Snow] who expects to take Dora to the Alter on Friday the 10th [Friday 10 May 1878]. Yesterday (Mayday) [Wednesday 1 May 1878] Frank [Franklin Richards Snow] & Levi [Levi White Mason Snow] Joined an excursion party to Lake Point [Lake Point, Utah] and Minerva [Minerva White Snow] and I took the evening train to this place where we have attended a quarterly meeting of the relief societies [Relief Societies] of Weber County in the tabernacle both morning and afternoon. Listen E. B. Snow [Erastus Beman Snow], Zina Young, B. Smith, Barney, Wells and other Salt Lake sisters attended and the House was full and we had an interesting meeting. Tomorrow Minerva [Minerva White Snow] & I go to Logan [Logan, Utah] to attend Conference there. I took your things purchased by Lucy and had them packed with the Ladies Co op goods to be shipped tomorrow to York [York, Utah], to go by E. Teams.

If you wish anything further from me before I leave Salt Lake City [Salt Lake City, Utah], you must write at once as I expect to leave for Sanpete about the 14th or 15th . [Tuesday 14 May 1878 or Wednesday 15 May 1878] I send also more paints, and another can Caroctine Oil. If the latter be not needed in the family it may be sold through the store. Your sister Harriet has bought Father Stringham five acre lot at Sugar House Ward & going to move up and on to it soon as she can dispose

[in margins]

her affairs at Holden [Holden, Utah]. George & Mary were in the city last week but I did not get to see Mary. They will remain at Bingham [Bingham, Utah] this summer. I received a letter from E. B. [Erastus Beman Snow] a few days ago mailed at Fort Wingate [Fort Wingate, Utah] the 20th [Saturday 20 Apr 1878] I answered and told them to meet me at the St. George Conference June 15th [Saturday 15 Jun 1878] if they could, they were on their way to Alberquerque [Albuquerque, New Mexico] on the Rio Grand [Railroad]. All well. May God bless & preserve you and all you precious Lambs. E. Snow [Erastus Snow]

Numerous friends here enquire [inquire] after you. We slept at Bro. Richards [Franklin D. Richards], Dined at Marie Farrs and

[rest of the marginal notes on this page and previous page are cut off on the Xerox copy and need to be checked on the original]