Salt Lake City April 17th 1878 [Salt Lake City, Utah Wednesday 17 Apr 1878]

My Dear Artimesia After mailing my letter to Moroni [Moroni Snow] yesterday, I received one from Franklin [Franklin Richards Snow], written on the 8th [Monday 8 Apr 1878] at your request, about the action of Sisters Church and Crosby canvassing for means to build a store and the word that has gone out from them and reitterated [reiterated] by President McAlister [J. D. T. McAllister], that it will be received and credited up to parties who work or furnish materials, on Capital Stock, if valued at cash rates. And you ask the question of me, (in view of the fact of the committee taking it all upon themselves and haveing [having] Bro McAlisters [J. D. T. McAllister] backing, and all their own may) whether you had not better resign as they will not have use for either President or board of Directors? I reply yes when you find that Bro. McAlister [J. D. T. McAllister], after learning the truth of the matter, backs the committee; and the Stock holders meeting sustains them over the heads of the board; yourself and the board who act with you cannot honorably retain your places. But don’t back down untill [until] the full issue is fairly made, then your resignation should be written ready to hand in. But I do not anticipate such a result. I have written Prest McAlister [President J. D. T. McAllister] to post him up in the matter so he may not be misled anymore by representations of my instructions, and so that what action he or they may hereafter take in the premises may be done above board and on their responsibility. Keep cool and say but little. If you are crowded to call a special meeting of Stockholders, Be sure and invite Prest McAlister [President J. D. T. McAllister] and counsellors together with J.G.B. [ J. G. Bleak ?] and Whitehead and preside with your vice Prest [President] and the Board and let things take their course and fret not but be Joyfull [joyful] & happy.

We are all well. Just now haveing [having] a long storm, about clearing up. Have heard nothing from Orson [Orson Pratt Snow] & Eddie [Edward Hunter Snow] since leaving York [York, Utah], they should be in Iron County now if no bad luck. Levi [Levi Mason White Snow] in school, Anne [Anna Beckstrom ?] better Minerva [Minerva White Snow] helping with housework. Malvina tolerable Health, Zera [Zerubbabel Snow] & family and Melissa [Melissa Snow] and family also well & living at her old place at Lake point [Lake Point, Utah]. Doctor & Emma live in 13th Ward this city [Salt Lake City, Utah]. We had a good Conference [General Conference – April General Conference] and we have since effected a settlement of affairs between the church & Estate of our late Prest B.Y. [President Brigham Young] Which displeases a few of the boys but is generally satisfactory. With endureing [enduring] love for yourself & all your children and like greetings in love to all my family I am ever Yours Erastus Snow.