Council Chamber [Salt Lake City, Utah]

Legislative Hall Jan 24th/78 [Thursday 24 Jan 1878]

My Dear Elisabeth

It is now half Past six [6:30 PM] in the evening and at 7 [7 PMI must attend a committee meeting here. I have not been home to dinner because I could take time and this has been my fate for about a month. I have not dined till sometime between 7 & 10 [7 & 10 PM] at night half a dozen times, and I feel Jaded and my powers of mind and body weakened by my close attention to labors without rest or relaxation. Hold on! Don’t scold at me. I am no more my own master now than formerly. I am subject to be called first one way & then another and kept from eating or sleeping, but I must thrust off some of my labors or quit altogether. I will with the help of God choose the former and live on a while longer. To add to my over burdens Anne [Anna Beckstrom ?] has been having another of her characteristic freaks and I have been on the point of changing boarding places, but poor creature she has been such a sufferer with her sprained ankle, and rheumatism & Neuralgia that she is or has been hardly accountable for what she has said or done. Yesterday She had 12 teeth taken out and feels today better every way and I hope we shall have peace again. It seemed a Godsend for Minerva [Minerva White Snow] to drop in when she did and take care of us, as well as Anne [Anna Beckstrom]. She will remain another week before going to Logan [Logan, Utah] and I hope we shall feel better by that time. I have Just finished reading a good letter from Dan. Legg. I am I am [sic] glad to learn that he is doing well and his health is much improved and enjoying himself better than heretofore.

Please tell Misha [Artimesia Snow] & Eller [Martha Ellen Snow ?] I have called once on Louisa and Rodney since their marriage found them cosely [cosily] fixed & happy. She still stoping [stopping] with Sister Schutter. Have called also once to greet Susan & her babe and rest of the family at the Old homestead. Also supped once with Lucy & Rachel but Heber was out. They seem very happy -

I hope Susan & Aunt Rebecca will do themselves the pleasure and happiness of attending Temple ordinances Likewise Miss Cook - Ask the boys to take them down and back with the carriage -

I enclose certificate [temple recommend] for their admission if they choose to go before my return - Probably Miss Cook has hers with her but if not, Doubtless Brother Woodruff [Wilford Woodruff] will give her one. And your own dear self will do well to go to the Temple to rest and recruit in that lovely place. I would like the priviledge [privilege] of going with you. Gen Pace has promised to pay me for ballance [balance] of his room rent. Has not yet done it. Have you anything to order bought with it for yourself or family? I hurredly [hurriedly] sent you a card after getting your only first letter and promised to write more fully, but this is first time I have attempted it, but I have many letters to write daily in addition my other duties. I have nothing from any of the children. If you cant [can't] find time do tell the girls to write, but you all can if you try - Hope you are all well. God bless you and your dear children. How do you get along for wood provissions [provisions] etc. Shall I order wire for North Porch & doors & Windows. Yours in everlasting bonds. Erastus Snow