Salt Lake City [Salt Lake City, Utah] Dec 20th 1877 [Thursday 20 Dec 1877]

Mrs Elisabeth R. Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

Saint George [St. George, Utah]

My Dear Wife

I wish most cordially to yourself and family, and our mutual friends, sisters Pees, Stringham and Cook, a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, trusting my good wishes may not be delayed, by tardy mails beyond that Merry day –

I am happy to be able to report myself in good condition, even better than when I left home - I regretted the necessity of my uncerimonious [unceremonious] departure without returning home either to kiss a good bye [goodbye] or finish up necessary business at home, but you know such has been my life, always a minute man and never allow myself to offer excuses when my superiors call -

I was left by the Stage at Beaver [Beaver, Utah] through the negligence of the agent and lay [laid] over one day, and when I reached Holden [Holden, Utah] at 10 oclock [o'clock] P.M. on Saturday night [15 Dec 1877] I choose rather to stop and sleep at Mother Stringhams, than ride in an open waggon [wagon] all night, so Bro. Hinckleys boy took [me] Sunday morning [16 Dec 1877] to Scippeo [Scipio, Utah] where I preached and thence to Levan [Levan, Utah] and preached again at 7 [PM] in the evening. Slept there with Bishop Aagard who started at 6 A.M. Monday [17 Dec 1877] and landed me at Nephi [Nephi, Utah] at 8 in time for the Hack to Yorks so I reached here Monday night [17 Dec 1877] in good time. And Just in time to satisfy Prest [President] Taylor [John Taylor] & Elders Woodruff [Wilford Woodruff] and Jos F. Smith [Joseph F. Smith] my colleagues on the Auditing Committee who had prompted the call for my speedy return. And I feel satisfied it was my duty to be here with them. We expect Elder George Q. Cannon home tonight [Thursday 20 Dec 1877] to spend the Hollydays [holidays] here with Elders B. Young [Brigham Young Jr.] & Albert Carrington his associate executors, expect to engage with the Church Auditing Committee a few days in an effort to settle and adjust, business and accounts between the estate of Our late Prest B.Y. [President Brigham Young] and the Trustee in Trust accounts. Weather is still mild but indications of an approaching storm. Annes [Anna Beckstrom] sprained ankle is better, so she has laid aside her crutches. Have seen Heber, Lucy Louisa, Bryant & Ashby [Ashby Snow] - all well. Sister Pecos beding [bedding] not yet arrived from the east but expect it every day. Her baggage with Susans & sister Dodges all sent from York [York, Utah] some weeks ago and I am anxious to hear of their safe arrival together with your chairs which E. B. [Erastus Beman Snow] or Niles P. must put together and varnish for you. I sent 26 rools [rolls] butter 2 lbs each by my carriage to be divided as my families need. Hope all is well and that I shall oft hear from you I am effectionally [affectionately] etc. E. Snow [Erastus Snow]

[In the margin]

I saw Harriet & family as I passed. All well. Gen [Ben ?] thought he would take Mother to St George [St. George, Utah] towards Spring or when it got warmer.

I hope to hear from Miss Cook & Josephine [Josephine Snow] about the teachers meetings during your conference and how the school is shaping and progressing. Hope Josephine [Josephine Snow] is better and helping and learning from Miss Cook. Good night [goodnight]. E.S. [Erastus Snow]