Salt Lake City [Salt Lake City, Utah] Sept 10th/77 [Monday 10 Sep 1877]

Mrs Elisabeth R. Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

Saint George U.T. [St. George, Utah]

My Dearly Beloved Wife

I have been here nine days [9 days] and anxiously looking for letters from you and the Girls. I have leaned from Willard [Willard Snow] that you had moved but nothing definate [definite] Robert kept me posted about Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow] untill [until] he was reported convallesant [convalescent]. I have not however anything from you or the Girls as to how the move suited you or what for a time you had or how you find things at the “St. George House.” [St. George, Utah]

Well I can Judge that it was a tiresome Job for you and the children to undertake alone and I would not thought of asking you to do it, under other circumstances. Or if McAlister [J. D. T. McAllister] had not written me, that he had talked with you and you were as ready to move then as at any future time. Well now you are there what do you need to furnish the house for winters use. You can retain any or all the articles left there by McDonalds [McDonald] folks and please write me what else will be necessary - Probably Frank [Franklin Richards Snow] will continue to occupy their apartments unless you choose to make some change of rooms. What you decide to keep of the church furniture let Frank [Franklin Richards Snow] make out a list of to be charged up to me and the rest to be safely stored away or sent to the Office [Tithing Office]. If you need to get curtains and other fixture before I return, try for them at either the Coop stores on my account, but anything that you deem best for me to get here, let me know when you write.

My heart blesses you and your children for all your love, your obedience, your industry, your faithfullness [faithfulness] and your desire to help yourselves and me.

I trust God will overule [overrule] all so you shall lose nothing. Rodney Badger is at home and I saw him visiting Louisa, and Tripp has also returned and Julia [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow] says Louisa had promised him an interview, I hope, but fear the result. Well let you know soon as I can ascertain I think you may look for Heber & Lucy during the fall, Perhaps late. Susan & rest of family all well. Benjamin Stringham was here at the funeral. He is working on the Manti Temple [Manti, Utah] in charge of the hands from Millard County.

I inquired of Bro. Bennet [Bennett], the Post Master at Holden as we passed in the night and he told me Harriet and rest of our friends there were all well.

Anne [Anna Beckstrom ?] is about as usual. The renter Josephine Vinberg has given up trying to keep house owing to forestry and lack of employment and I now write in Annes Old bedroom.

Frank Gates is not well today and not gone to school. Will soon be better. George & Mary have been in town for several days, being summoned before the Grand Jury to tell all the sins that they have heard of in Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] during the past 20 years. Mary says she and George has [have] persuaded the Attorney and Marshalls to excuse her, and she thinks George won’t know anything he ought not to, but he is, getting money of them and drinking, and very uncertain. I had a long talk with Mary alone, hope to see good fruits from it. She feels better than when she first came to town. Thanks for your presents. God bless you forever.

Erastus Snow.