St. George [St. George, Utah]

June 27, /77 [Wednesday 27 Jun 1877]

Dear Mother [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

I think it is a shame that we don’t write to you oftener, but there is always something to hinder; and we never think we have time.

I have been in the Store a week and a half. Frankie [Franklin Richards Snow] starts one week from today [Wednesday 4 Jul 1877]. Libbie [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] hasn’t concluded whether to go with him or wait two weeks and go with Tone [Anthony W. Ivins] and his mother. She thinks she does not care about going unless she can get there in time to go north with you [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] and Pa [Erastus Snow].

Our organ didn’t come after all. We were so disappointed. If we only had that, we wouldn’t get at all lonesome, though we don’t get very much time to do so anyhow.

School is out today. The children have been in the field this week gleaning. They sell their wheat here. Ashby [Ashby Snow] and Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow] have each enough to buy them a shirt; and Martie [Martha Ellen Snow]. I never saw such a money maker, she is going to buy herself two dresses today. She planted corn for Bro. Crosby one day, and he paid her the money. She has bought herself a parasol too, in some way. I guess we will have to let her go up on the mountain next week [4th of July holiday next week ?].

Weren’t you frightened nearly to death about Ashby [Ashby Snow]? We were, but he is all right again.

Bertie [Herbert Hammond Snow] is terribly proud because he is five years old. On his birthday [19 Jun] he was telling Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow] about a little boy that had whipped him a few days before in wrestling. But he said he can’t do it now for I am five years [5 years] old. You have no idea how cute Clare [Clarence Snow] is. If he wants us to do anything, he will put his arms around our necks and say, “Aunt I your yittie yove (little love)” I went home the other night and found him sitting on the bench looking rather pale. I asked him what was the matter and he said; “I ate much bread and butter, and it made me chuke (puke)” He said to Flora [Florence Snow] the other night “Aunt, you mine yittie lover.” He sings “Nan Burg Show” and says every thing you can thing [think]. Birtie [Herbert Hammond Snow] brags about being five years [5 years] old and he brags about being ten [10]. Don’t worry about home, Mother for we get along well enough you had better enjoy yourself while you [can] we may not let you go again.

Aunt Emma is well, we had letters from Jake [Jacob ?] a little while ago.

Oh, Mother! I have got me such a nice little Burreau,[bureau] just like Libbies [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] only it has little drawers on top. Bro. Burgess made it for me. He owed me five dollars [$5.00], and I paid him two [$2.00] in the store that I got for schooling and six [$6.00] in trade. Fifteen [$15.00] in all. We are going to try and get Flora [Florence Snow] one. Flora [Florence Snow] had a letter from Dee last week She was in New Castle, was well. Lida came down to borrow a pattern of me the other day and there was no one at home but Flora [Florence Snow]. She didn’t stay long. There were some Salem [Salem, Massachusetts] papers came to you the other day, but there was nothing much in them.

Love to all.

Josephine [Josephine Snow]