St.George Jun 18/77 [St. George, Utah Monday 18 Jun 1877]

Dear Parents:

Pa’s [Erastus Snow] card written while at Lehi [Lehi, Utah] received. Andrew McArthur has reached home tells me he bargained with his brother in law Price to bring the Organ thinks he ought to be here in a day or two: Josephine [Josephine Snow] has got her pay in serrip [syrup] again. W. W. told me we had better not send it to you she could use it here for you, or we would have sent it befor [before]. We’ll do as you say. Twenty (20) dollars [$20] I believe.

Ashby [Ashby Snow] is much better we had him up to aunt Artimesias [Artimesia Beman Snow] yesterday [Sunday 17 Jun 1877]. He was pretty sick a few days. We sat up with him two nights, but with good care and the blessing of God he got through all right. I never new [knew] what anxiety was before.

I laugh every time I think of the letter I wrote you. We are all feeling a great deal better now that Ashby [Ashby Snow] is better. The weather is more settled and although it is very warm I believe we will all feel better than when it was so changeable. Our appetites are returning. We have a cow and do very well for something to eat.

Bro. Eyring is willing that Josephine [Josephine Snow] should come in with me untill [until] she becomes acquainted with the business when I can go a while. It seems almost foolishness, but we can have our work and waste no time and then if I do not wish to go to the City [Salt Lake City, Utah] I can go out some place for a week or two. She will come in this week. Bro Eyring is now on a tour through the Western Settlements with Bro. McAlaster [J. D. T. McAllister ?], will be gone about two weeks. Bros. Woodruff [Wilford Woodruf] & Cannon [David H. Cannon ?] went as far as Pine Valley [Pine Valley, Utah], will return today.

There has been quite a change made since you left. We have got new Bps [Bishops] in all the wards. Relief Societies [Relief Society] Y.L. [Young Ladies] and Y. M M. [Young Mens Mutual] Associations in each ward. The former organizations are dissolved. The Young Men of the Fourth Ward are organized as follows: A. W. Ivins [Anthony W. Ivins President] Prest. George Cottam & Henry Platt counselors Wm Hunter [William Hunter] Secy & Treasurer. The young ladies with Dora Young Prest [President]. E. A. Snow [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] & A. M. Woodbury counselors. Jesie Ivins Sec Amy Calters [Amy Calders ?] Treasurer. It makes the meetings very slim, but it may be that there will more attend than when there was but one.

Tuesday 19/77 [Tuesday 19 Jun 1877]

Bertties [Herbert Hammond Snow] birthday. Moroni [Moroni Snow] got home last evening [Monday 18 Jun 1877]. We thought he would be here Sunday evening [17 Jun 1877]. Aunt Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow] got supper and invited us all and he did not come after all.

E.W. [Erastus White Snow] has gone and went to attend to his business as assessor has taken Maggie [Maggie May Snow] along.

Our garden has done pretty well so far. We have had a good many peas and will have some more soon.

The potatoes have not done so well, though we are having some. Bro Thomas has brought us a few turnips several times and Bro Wall keeps us in onions.

Sister Woodburry [Woodbury] has gone up to Bro. Bleaks [Bleak] place to stay this summer and Martha [Martha Ellen Snow] is lost without Nonie [Nonie Bleak ?]. Sister W. [Woodbury] asked her to come up and stay with None [Nonie Bleak ?] awhile, so we are going to let her go. She of course is nearly crazy over it: she reads as much as ever. We girls are making us some slippers of that cloth like your coat. They will look quite nice.

I hope Mother [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] you will not worry about the children. I think they will be all right now. I am anxious to hear from Uncle Ben Richard was sick when he left. The last we heard he was no better. This must answer for Georgiana [Georgiana Snow] she must write again soon. The other girls are busy all the time and think they cannot write. With love I remain your affectionate daughter

E.A. Snow [Elizabeth Ashby Snow]