Salt Lake City June 9th 77 [Salt Lake City, Utah Saturday 9 Jun 1877]

To Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow], Flora [Florence Snow], Georgiana [Georgiana Snow] and all the Little ones. Dear children, Your dear mother [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] and I have just returned this morning from the North, came as far as Ogden with the Team where we left Erastus W. [Erastus White Snow] to bring the team and we took the cars [railroad]. We staid [stayed] last night with Bro. F. D. Richards [Franklin D. Richards] family. We saw James Clinton at the Ogden Depot where he works and is doing well.

We have been gone from here four weeks lacking two days. Have visited nearly all the settlements of Weber & Box Elder Cos. [Counties] And part of Cache Co [County] and several of our settlements in Idaho Territority [Territory].

Traveld [traveled] nearly four hundred miles [400 miles] and held 36 meetings and returned all well but a little tired. Your mother [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow] is fleshy and looks well. Josephine [Josephine Snow] keeps on growing and look fine except her left eye which is fast improveing [improving] under Sister Grundys Treatment. We were very glad to find here Flora [Florence Snow] & Georgianas [Georgiana Snow] letters of the 24th May [Thursday 24 May 1877], which Josephine [Josephine Snow] had kept here, while Erastus W [Erastus White Snow] & my letters were all forwarded on to us. Tell Artimesia I got her card of the 31st [Thursday 31 May 1877] at Ogden [Ogden, Utah] this morning, but she did not say whether the sack of sugar had arrived. Tell Ashby [Ashby Snow] I have got him a little axe which I will send or bring when I come. We hope he and Martha [Martha Ellen Snow] will continue to learn the lessons in school well. We are glad to learn that Arthur’s [Arthur Eugene Snow] attack of Eyrisippilsie [eyrsipele – skin disease] has been light and hope it will not return upon him. We have often wished we had him with us. He would be such comfort to his mother [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]. How does Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] get along with her school now in the 4th Ward School house? I want her to practice Music lessons if she feels able to do it and I would like also to have Georgiania [Georgiana Snow] take lessons of Moroni [Moroni Snow] and begin to learn on the Organ. If Nora goes to Professor Shritzs he will have time to practice and teach her. I can’t yet say when we shall come home: If the House was ready to move into your mother would like to come. I shall probably soon take another tour preaching. My love to all.

E. Snow [Erastus Snow]

My Dear Children you will learn by your Fathers [Erastus Snow] letter that we have just arrived from the North we have had a pleasant time and I have enjoyed myself verry [very] much but I feel sometimes as though I must come home I want to see you all so much I should like to have Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow] with us I hope Ashby [Ashby Snow] and Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow] will be good boys and say there [their] prayers every night tell Georgana [Georgiana Snow] and Marty [Martha Ellen Snow] to write for them letters are interesting they write so much news I hope the children will all be [?] Well I shall try to bring them all something when I come did sister young [Young] bring you the small package I sent you I will get you the braids and send them the first oportunity [opportunity] Josephine [Josephine Snow] wishes to write so I will leave room for her I am tired and do not feel much like writing and I will write again soon write often for I want to hear from you often give my love to Emma and all who inquire after me.

Your effectionate [affectionate] Mother

Elisabeth R. Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

I recieved [received] a letter from Flora [Florence Snow] and Georgeanna [Georgiana Snow] last week and was very glad to hear from you I was looking for Mother [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] every day so I did not send it to her I had just come up stairs [upstairs] to write to you when they came so Pa [Erastus Snow] and mother [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] thought they would write too I guess Pa [Erastus Snow] must be thinking about getting us an organ he is so anxious for you to practice music Aunt Susan [Susan Slater Lang Snow] has been down to aunt Mames since Friday [8 Jun 1877] Julia [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow] got a letter from Jane she says aunt Haddie has bought a place at Houlden [Holden, Utah] and the boys are going to build for her she is going to live in aunt Emma’s house this summer and she is going to live up in the Canyon where uncle Ben is building a mill. dont [don't] I wish I was there to love [have ?] some strawberries it has been raining for the last two weeks nearly every day. Uncle George has just brought Effie and Johnny up to take them to the doctors I see [saw] Parilee and Gus the other day who else is coming up to be married besides them and Cady and Artimesia [Artimesia Snow] wrote there was [were] three couples I shall expect a letter in answer to my last soon. Tell Leida to write

Josephine [Josephine Snow]