Salt Lake May 15th /77 [Salt Lake City, Utah Tuesday 15 May 1877]

To Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow], Flora [Florence Snow], Josephine [Josephine Snow] and all the Dear children. Peace be upon you. Wisdom and Grace from God our Father and his Son Our Lord Jesus Christ and blessings from your own dear Father of your Tabernacles and from your dear Mother each of whom do earnestly remember you in their prayers that God may keep you safe in his mighty hand from sin and from disease and death. We sympathize with Bro. D. H. Cannon [David H. Cannon] Cannon & his wife in the suden [sudden] demise of their little Son. While our gratitude overflows for Godís mercies in keeping our Dear ones in life and health. Georgianna [Georgiana Snow] arrived with Benjamin [Franklin Benjamin Woolley ? h of Artimesia Snow] last Friday the 11th inst. [instant Ė Friday 11 May 1877] Aunt Susan [Susan Slater Lang Snow ? W of Zerubbabel Snow] expects soon to go out to feed silk worms with Anna Musser at her Toelee [Tooele] farm Perhaps Georgianna [Georgiana Snow] may go with her for a visit there and at Lake Point [Lake Point, Utah]. I bought the Organ seen by Frank [Franklin Richards Snow] & Flora [Florence Snow] at American or one Like it, for $100 in Stocks and $75 in cash. I had enough cash with what Georgianna [Georgiana Snow] brought into six Dollars [$6.00] to pay for it and the Stool hope soon to receive more from E. W. [Erastus White Snow] and Josephine [Josephine Snow] (if she gets any script) as there will be $30 shortly due for the boys Schooling. Noni wants to go home soon after Uncle [?] Shortly [?] School closes June 1st [Friday 1 Jun 1877] and Perhaps Georgianna [Georgiana Snow] with her if opportunity offers. We go this Week to Cache Valley [Cache Valley, Uah] and Work is laid out for myself and others of the 12 during this month in Cache, Weber & Box Elder Counties preaching and Organizing Stakes & Branches & Quorums. Probably the months of June [Jun 1877] & July [Jul 1877] will be spent in a similer [similar] manner through Toelee [Tooele], Morgan, Davis, Summit and Wasatch Counties. After which, I hope to be able to move Southward on a similar mission toward home.

Please send the enclosed to Bro. Jones and if the cloth is there and can be got ready please have it properly marked and addressed to Anne B. Snow [Anna Beckstrom Snow ?] care of E. Snow [Erastus Snow] Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] and sent by first safe hands.

Yours effectionately [affectionately]

Erastus Snow

I hear that Josephine [Josephine Snow] discontinued her school for want of supplies. What was the cause? are other Schools in Session or are the children all running the Streets? Perhaps Bro. McAllister [J. D. T. McAllister ?] and Eyring if spoken to would deem it well to allow the Basement of the Tabernacle to be used for School during summer heat. It is a cool place. If Josephine [Josephine Snow] does not get school there perhaps she could at Hebron [Hebron, Utah] which is a good community, or in Pine Valley [Pine Valley, Utah]. Otherwise teach her your trade to spell you in the Store or let search be made for a birth [berth] to learn the millinary [millinery] or other similer [similar] business.

E.S. [Erastus Snow]