Salt Lake City [Salt Lake City, Utah] April 30 1877 [Monday 30 Apr 1877]

My Dear Children how are you all getting along I have not had a line from you since I left I hope I shall get a letter from some of you before long Pa recieved [received] a letter from E B [Erastus Beman Snow, b. 1853] yesterday I was glad to hear from you a [and] to hear that Father Watt [?] was taking such a [an] interest in your welfare we returned from Provo [Provo, Utah] today had a good time we expect to go to bountiful [Bountiful, Utah] tonight [Monday 30 Apr 1877] take the cars from there in the morning for Ogden [Ogden, Utah] and from there to logan [Logan, Utah] in Cash [Cache] Valley Yesterday aunt [Aunt] Susan [Susan Slater Lang Snow, b. ] and me visited Sister Bectrom [Anna Beckstrom Snow, b. 1825] Lucy [Lucy Simmons Snow, b. 1855] has just taken a school at Mill Creek [Mill Creek, Salt Lake, Utah] expects to start Monday [Monday 7 May 1887] she is to have 45 $ [$45] a month and pay three dollars [$3] a week for her board Martys [?] and her husband came up the other day and took little Jessy [?] home with them while haddy [Harriet Orilla Peters Snow, b. 1857] was gone to meeting he has taken them up to Judge Smiths to have it setteled [settled] they have not got back yet do not say anything about this I have not been to see George and Mary ]?] yet pa and me are going down as soon as we get time George has been cut off from the Church Write and tell me how little bertie [Herbert Hammond Snow, b. 1872] is and if he has forgot all about his mama does he talk as much as ever tell me what all the children are doing and if they are good children and go to scholl [school] I shall try to bring them something when I come home I want to see them very much I went the other day and looked at some shawls there is some for three dollars [$3] apiece Do you want them write and let me know or if there is anything else you would rather I would get for you I hope you will be able to get some summer cloth from the factory for the children I suppose the wether [weather] is getting warm and the children will need something Mother libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] how are you getting along with your school how many scholars have you by this time Flora [Florence Snow Woolley, b. 1856] how do you stand the care of the family and work do not spend all your strength trying to help that old shop clean wait till we have a better place to clean take as good care of everything as you can pa has come in and is writing to Erastus B. [Erastus Beman Snow, b. 1853] he sends his love to you all I want to see you all time passes very pleasently [pleasantly] when I am traveling but when I get home I feel lost without the children aunt Susan [Susan Slater Lang Snow, b. ] sends her love to you all remember me to all who inquire after me and haddy [Harriet Orilla Peters Snow, b. 1857] is waiting for me to come to dinner so good by from your loving Mother E. R. Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831]

[In margin]

Kiss all the children for me