Salt Lake City Jan 30th 1876 [Salt Lake City, Utah Sunday 30 Jan 1876]

Sunday night 12 oclock [o'clock] P.M.

My Dear Elisabeth,

After attending two meetings, making two visits and writing several “long” letters and while all are sound asleep in the house I turn my thoughts and feelings to your word and your lovely group of loving children and I ask myself what is the matter and why dont [doesn't] she write. I have received only one letter from Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow] and a few lines from Susie [Susan Snow] and nothing else from home since I left, yes I did get one yesterday [Saturday 29 Jan 1876] from Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumer Snow], but nobody says anything about you, and you fail to speak for yourself. Well I trust you are all alive and doing well or else I should have heard from you. Possibly too you may think you have written to me as often as I have to you, but you must remember I have been going from home and time seems long. Besides I have correspondence from all directions to answer and have waited hoping to have some to answer from you, but have concluded not to wait any longer, so here I begin to be revenged on you. I wish I could just popp [pop] in upon you tonight if it is late, but it wont do to think about it. Libby! [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] I suppose she write [wrote] to Jacob but I havent [haven't] seen any, or yes I did see one she wrote to Josephine [Josephine Snow]. Well Flora [Florence Snow] has so much work to do and choir practice I must excuse her, and Gorgiana [Georgiana Snow] I suppose has her lessons and the babys [babies] to attend to, and perhaps young friends enough to write to. But you my Dear wife, would surely snatch a little time to tell me of your love, and the welfare of your dear ones, if you could for a moment lift your thoughts above the calls of children and the din of Ruben [?] work. My health is quite good and I am doing a great amount of work in committees and the Legislative council. I seldom get back onto this hill after I leave in the Morning untill [until] nine or ten [9 or 10 PM] at night. Generally go and eat Dinner at Bro. Mussers [A. Milton Musser], Susans, or Zeras [Zerubbabel Snow], Josephine [Josephine Snow] Jacob & Moroni [Moroni Snow] are generally about as busy with their studies as I am and not much visiting, Theatres [theaters] or Parties. They attended one leap year Party which I believe is all since I came up. I was invited to a Party at 12th Ward School House and went and staid [stayed] an hour and dined beside Susan Stringham and then ran back to the Legislative Hall to find on my desk a Telegram that Little Maggie May [Maggie May Snow] was very sick and asking my prayers, so I did not go back to finish the Party. As to Theatre [theater], I have scarcely looked at it, as I passed daily life.

I hope our St. George Girles [St. George, Utah girls] are not spoiling themselves and the young men too, with a super abundance of attentions this Leap year, so as to render our schools a farce. By the way what for an out does Bro. Peck make keeping school. Has he many schollers [scholars]? does it decimate other schools and is he liked? Does Fielding attend school or is he at work? I hope he [?] or some one has plowed the gardens and that you may be able to hire some one to farm up yours in season for peas, potatoes and other early stuff. You must flax [ask ?] round and hire some body [somebody] if Free [Fred ?] cant [can't] do it. If the flour is gone Franklin must get some from the Office or the little mill to carry you all through till I come. I sent home by Nathaniels trans [transport ?] two small open fire place Grates 4,50 [$4.50] each designing one for you [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] and the other for Julia [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow], but if you prefer waiting for richer times and a Parlor grate you can let her keep them both for her two rooms if she choose or let Minerva [Minerva White Snow] have one for her bedroom. I have written Julia [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow] to have hers set up and let you take the other if you like it. I entirely forgot your [?] — want to go and get [it ?] at the book store or to Nixons if he has them, a nice hoe, and light spade and a garden Fork and if they are not to be found there send me word so I can get them here. It has been very sickly in the city and on Cottonwood many children, chiefly Scarlet fever and putrid sore throat which proves very fatal. Milo Andrus wife Ann has lost two and Hosea Stout Jim [ ?] three. The weather has been generally mild, only a few days at a time very cold. Annie [Anna Beckstrom] is well and cheerfull [cheerfjul]. I have sold your wine to Pay for Books & schooling and other expenses, board etc and to pay for the grate. I pray God to bless and preserve us all to meet again in peace. Poor Maggie [Maggie May Snow]

[In the margin]

how quick her cup of Joy was turned into bitterness, yes and you know full well how to sympathize with but [sic] for you too have tasted the same bitter cup. Aye but God healed your wounds and so he will hers [Margaret Alice McBride Snow wife of Erastus White Snow] ere long. Affectionately yours as ever. E.S. [Erastus Snow]