On Envelope Post marked St. George May 13 [St. George, Utah]

Mr Erastus Snow Brigham City Utah [Brigham City, Utah]

From Artimesia May 11th/74 [Monday 11 May 1874]

Answered May 11 1874 [11 May 1874] [?]

Mothers [Artimesia Beman Snow] Letter written to Father [Erastus Snow] When he was on his Mission

St George May 11 1874 [St. George, Utah] [Monday 11 May 1874]

My Dear Husband

I received a few lines from you in Erstus B. [Erastus Beman Snow] letter which is all I have received from you since you left home. Which is five weeks ago [Monday 13 Apr 1874] to day [today]. I think you are very silent, however I will try and be thankful for small favors. That I may receive larger ones. I am happy to learn that your health is improving. Hope it may still continue to improve. Hope you are enjoying yourself in tracting and preaching. As you generally do. When you do not overwork. The family are all well, My health is about the same as when you left. And not able to do but little about the house. Anna has been with me since you left but leaves in a couple of days. Her Father has written for her and her Mother to take the team and meet him in the City [Salt Lake City, Utah] where he expects to arrive about the 22 of June [Monday 22 Jun 1874]. Lend is going to school. Whether I shall be able to get any one to help me, for such pay as I can make them, I do not know I am satisfied I cannot get along alone with Lena at present. Br McDonald has put Moroni in the Tithing Office. As there was not enough business to keep him employed he thought Graham could attend to the barber shop and business both since he has taken Graham placed in the Office is boarding at home the weather is very changeable first warm and then so cold we kneed [need] a fire in the house to make us comfortable. Erastus [Erastus Beman Snow] is making our wire doors Franklin [Franklin Richards Snow] is out hunting the mules that got out of the barn night before last [Saturday 9 May 1874]. I feel quite uneasy about them. Orson [Orson Pratt Snow] and George Albert [George Albert Snow] are tending Mason [Levi Mason White Snow] Willard [Willard Snow] is out on the Mt Trumbo [Mount Trumball] road at work. In the Order Julias [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow] Mother [Amelia Brown Spencer] has gone to the City [Salt Lake City, Utah]. Old Jeff has not come from the herd yet and will not for two weeks, consequently, I do not get many rides. Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow] and family are well, were here yesterday [Sunday 10 May 1874] also Dan and Misha [Daniel Seegmiller and Artimesia Snow] it was E B [Erastus Beman Snow] birthday, tell Elizabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] her family are all well. Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] and Florra [Florence Snow] took dinner here yesterday [Sunday 10 May 1874] no news from Sarah [Sarah Lucina Snow]. Three couple started for the City [Salt Lake City, Utah] today [Monday 11 May 1874] to get married. I suppose E.B. [Erastus Beman Snow] keeps you posted in relation to your business affairs. And news in general so I have not much to write about. Many thanks for the washing machine. Hope it may prove to be a good one has not arrived yet.

May 12 [Tuesday 12 May 1874] Misha [Artimesia Snow] came in yesterday which prevented me from finishing my letter, Franklin [Franklin Richards Snow] returned without finding the mules has gone again today. We got quite a fright last night [Sunday 11 May 1874] which gave rather a sleepless one, when dark came on, Julias [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow] Willie [[William Spencer Snow] was missing the boys all turned out with lanterns in search. Hunted till between one and two oclock [1 and 2 o'clock] before they found him, he was at Sister Snells, he came down about dark said his Mother [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow] sent him down to stay all night. The Virgin [Virgin River] and

[In the margins]

Clara [Santa Clara River] are very high. D Cannon McFarland, J. Moody were crossing the Virgin [Virgin River] when they plunged into a hole upset drowned, Br Clayton has gone to work in the Co [?] Boards with McDonald. My love to Sister Anna [Anna Beckstrom ?], and all inquiring friends May the Lord bless and preserve you to return yours affectionately A S [Artimesia Beman Snow]