[Salt Lake City, Utah]

April 26 1874 [Sunday 26 Apr 1874]

My Dear Children one and all we arrived here Monday evening [20 Apr 1874] all well and heard the next day that you were all well at home we had a pleasant time although it was rather cold and winday [windy] the few last days my health is better than when I left home. Josephine [Josephine Snow] stayed at Ceder Springs [Cedar Springs, Utah] but I think she will be up soon Aunt Emma [Emma Smith Ashby] had been quite sick but was a little better the rest of the folks were all well when we arrived in provo [Provo] we found a large company had come down on the morning train to meet the President [Brigham Young] and we all went to Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] on the Cars [railroad] and when we arrived we found thoughsands [thousands -1000s] of people out to see the President [Brigham Young] although it was a wet stormy day I am staying with aunt susan she is not very well lucy has just come from school and is getting supper and I am going up in town with Louisa as soon as she comes from school and going to see Marta and Emma [?] Yesterday [Saturday 25 Apr 1874] pa [Erastus Snow] and me took dinner at Uncle Zeras [Zerubbabel Snow] aunt Mary is not very well Adelade wanted to see libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] very much she said she wished she was there every rainy day I am going to provo [Provo, Utah] with pa [Erastus Snow] Saturday morning [2 May 1874] on the 7 oclock [o'clock] train it seems quite old fashioned riding on the Cars [railroad] and hurddy [?] expects to go to the Severe [Sevier River] a couple of weeks to stay with haddy [?] through the summer and buy a place at Cedar Springs [Cedar Spring, Utah] to move to in the winter I stopped at the factory on the way up and tried to get some cloth for the children but there was nothing there and pa [Erastus Snow] says you must get [the] order of Robert and have the boys get what you want at the factory alsso [also] get orders at the tithing Office and at the cooperative For butter cheese and meat do not go without anything that you need to make you comfortable that you can get do not try to do Sister MacDonald [McDonald] Sewing for I think you have enough to do without to sew for the children take good care of the furniture and not let it get mared [marred] anymore than you can hellp [help] If you have time you can cut the carpet Rags we shall want them this fall write after and let me know how you get along how is bertie [Herbert Hammond Snow] is he as cunning as ever Does he Miss his Mother [?] How is [are] Ashby [Ashby Snow] and Arther [Arthur Eugene Snow] tell them to be good boys and say there [their] prayers every night and I shall bring them something when I come home Georgianna [Georgiana Snow] will be a good girl and help do the work when she is out of school and Martha [Martha Ellen Snow] will take good care of bertie [Herbert Hammond Snow] kiss all the children for me I hope soon to have a letter from you I want to hear how you a getting along and if the children are good Louisa has come in and is hurrying me to go to the store with her so I will close good by [goodbye] god bless you all from your loving Mother

Elisabeth R. Snow [ Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

[In the margins]

Dear cousin I though [thought] I would write you a few lines we are all well and hope you are the same your mother is here and we was [were] very glad to have her hear [here] again I must tell you that aunt Haddie is going to start to ceder springs [Cedar Spring, Utah] to live next Monday [27 Apr 1874] or Tusday [Tuesday 28 Apr 1874] and then we will be nice and lonesome I guess we will have nowbody [nobody] to go and see but Rye [?] Marty and aunt Marne Rye [?] is going to live in aunt Haddies house and so we won’t have very far to go and see her but the rest we wont [won't] see ver oftin [very often]. Marty lives with her mother in law Kate has been up here living with us all winter but she has gone home to live now. She has bin [been] going to school we all go to miss Crock [?]

Write soon from