Northbridge Mass [Northbridge, Massachusetts] Aug 11th/73 [Monday 11 Aug 1873]

My Dear Wife Elisabeth R. [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

Your letter of the 22 June [Sunday 22 Jun 1873] and one from your sister Louisa [Louisa Ashby] and our daughter Elisabeth A. [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] dated Salt Lake City [Utah] July 3d [Thursday 3 Jul 1873] came to hand a few days ago while Minerva [Minerva White Snow] and I were at her sisters (Susan Wade) near Boston [Massachusetts] having passed me on the Ocean and returned to me by Erastus W. [Erastus White Snow] enclosed with one from him dated July 25th [Friday 25 Jul 1873].

I had long looked for one from you and had expected to have found Libbys [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] awaiting me here on my first arrival from England.

They were however very welcome, if a little late, the little family incidents being sweet morsels to me, though the general news items had been anticipated in later letters.

I have naturally enough felt a little anxious about you and your children during the hot weather, but knowing that you had a vigilant watch care over them and all had very good constitutions, I would not allow myself to worry about them. I have not however forgot to pray always for you and them, that all of us may live to meet again in peace. This is designed for you and Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] both so time does not permit me now to write much, and Perhaps I had better address it to her least you should be gone to the city [Salt Lake City, Utah]. Hardly however unless Birtie [Herert Hammond Snow] is mended and able to be left. How glad I shall be to see you. I hope however that you have acted on your own judgement [judgment] without waiting for my decissions [decisions] about sending Josephine [Josephine Snow] up to the Lady eye Doctor for she might be up there till we return after Conference as well as not and I should like Mrs Clay to try her skill upon her. Poor girl she has had a grevious [grievous] time and a great privation for her to be unable to study. Hope to hear that she went up with Franklin [Franklin Richards Snolw] last trip.

I am glad Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] went up and had a visit and change from the home labours [labors] for it would be a rest to her notwithstanding the trip by the freight waggon [wagon] was a hard one. God bless Flora [Florence Snow] for her faithfullness [faithfulness] in helping you bear the burdens of the household during the summer.

Georgiana [Georgiana Snow] is also doubtless entitled to her share for helping, and tending baby.

I am glad to hear that Martha Ellen [Martha Ellen Snow] is so much engaged in her studies. I hope however she will have an appitite [appetite] to eat enough to keep up her strength and not hurt herself studying. Ashby [Ashby Snow] is not old enough to be confined to close study. Is he a good boy and does he learn to pray for his Father and Mother and little brothers & sisters?

Tell little Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow], Pa Pa will come soon to see him and Birtie [Herbert Hammond Snow], and bring something good to them. God bless them all.

I found Minerva [Minerva White Snow] at Woonsocket [Rhode Island] visiting my Brother Masons [Levi Mason Snow] family - After resting there a few days We went to Canada with my two nieces to visit My Bro. Shipley [Shipley Wilson Snow] who with his kindhearted Ladylike wife [Jean Hunter Snow] received us very cordially and made us very much at home. We also called on some of my Cousins and old acquaintance in my native town St. Johnsbury. Vermont, who only regretted that we could not stay longer. Wm & Susan Wade [William Wade] also have been extremely kind to us. Last Friday & Saturday [8 and 9 Aug 1873] I spent visiting Salem [Salem, Massachusetts], Marblehead [Marblehead, Massachusetts] and Danvers [Danvers, Massachusetts], but O how changed everything appeared since I there first preached the Gospel thirty two years ago [1841], when the Lord gathered into his fold many precious sheep, among whom was your Fathers [Nathaniel Ashby] Houshold [household] and your own dear self [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] (a young lamb of the flock) when [which] he gave me as part of the reward of my labours [labors].

Thos Proctor [Thomas Proctor] & Nat. Reynolds [Nathaniel Reynolds] of Marblehead [Massachusetts] still hold the faith under petty coat government. Charles Byed [Byrd ?] also in Salem [Massachusetts]. I called on your uncle Richards daughter but found her full of prejudice. One of Aunt Betseys [Elizabeth ?] Grand daughters [granddaughters] was with her. She seemed to

[In the margins of the page]

have Aunt Betseys [Elizabeth ?] Spirit and cared little to hear about her kindred who still adheard [adhered] to Mormonism. We came up here yesterday. Expect to return to Woonsocket [Rhode Island] and [stomd ?] to Pawtucket [Rhode Island] and start home in a week.

We have tried to induce My Niece Lizzie Snow to come home with us on account of her poor health for she seems to be tending towards consumption, but donít

much expect her mother will consent. From your ever true and loving husband and father. Erastus Snow