In Margin:

From Elisabeth R Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

22 June 1873 [Sunday 22 Jun 1873] Received Aug 11th [Monday 11 Aug 1873] at Northbridge Mass. [Northbridge, Massachusetts]

June 22 1873 [Sunday 22 Jun 1873]

My Dear Husband I have been trying for the last week to sit down and write to you the wether [weather] is very warm and it takes all the time to do the work and take care of the children they are all well or at least as well as usual in the warm weather little Herbert [Herbert Hammond Snow] is teething and he is very peevish and fretfull [fretful] some days he has but two teeth he is now pulling my dress trying to make me take him up Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow] often asks when his pa will come home he says he wants you to come home in four days Martha [Martha Ellen Snow] and Ashby [Ashby Snow] go to school to sister Calkins Ashby stays untill [until] recess I do not like to confine him in school to [too] much in the warm weather I wuld [would] not keep Martha out of school she is learning very fast Josiphiine [Josephine Snow] is practicing Telegraphing a little every day with Robert and Joseph Bently [Joseph Bentley] her eyes are stil [still] very bad and she is not able to write much I recieved [received] the salve from Dr. Anderson but it does not seem to do much good Mary Zera sent me word that Mrs. Clay the eye Doctress [Doctoress] that has cured so many in the city [Salt Lake City, Utah] will stay there six Months [6 months] longer and she thought I ought to send her up and have her doctored but I leave that for you to do as you think best Franklin [Franklin Richards Snow] started for the city [Salt Lake City, Utah] last Monday [16 Jun 1873] and libby [Libby Elizabeth Ashby Snow] expects to return with him Flora [Florence Snow] is a good girl and stays at home and works all the time tomorrow is Georgianas [Georgiana Snow] birthday and she is going to have some little girls come and make her a visit Father Crosby died last night [Monday 21 Jun 1873] is to be burried [buried] [Tuesday 22 Jun 1873] today I suppose you have heard of the death of Br Joseph W before this the president [Brigham Young] has teligraphed [telegraphed] for Lovaina to come to the city [Salt Lake City, Utah] and bring her children and all her things there is a two day meeting at washington [Washington, Utah] there has a good many gone from St George [Utah] Br Morris came down last night and invited sister MacDonald [McDonald] and myself to go but I thought it was too warm to take bertie [Herbert Hammond Snow] out and I did not like to leave him at home Br MacDonald [McDonald] eldest son Alick and Erastus B [Erastus Beman Snow] have been apointed [appointed] Missionaries and they are at washington [Washington, Utah] today I find sister MacD [McDonald] a very good Neighbor and I enjoy her company very much the family are all well Missia [Artimesia Snow] and Sister McCulluh [McCullough] was [were] in last evening I have not seen Missia [Artimesia Snow] appear as happy for a number of years as she now does I hope she will see many happy days I hope you will take good care of yourself I feel afraid from your writing that your health is not as good I wuld [would] wish and we all rember [remember] you in our prayers that the Lord will bless you and permit you to return to us again Rember [remember] me to C W I trust his health is improved by traveling

from your loving wife

Elizabeth R Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]