Latter-Day Saints. European Printing Publishing and Emigration Office

42 Islington Liverpool [Liverpool, England]

April 16th 1873 Wednesday 16 Apr 1873]

My Dear Elisabeth

Your very welcome letter of the 16th March [Sunday 16 Mar 1873] reach [reached] me about a week ago while at Birmingham and one from Artimesia at the same time which latter I answerd [answered] immediately, but reserved my answer to yours untill [until] now, having written you an answer to your first letter and sent it ashore at Queenstown [Queenstown, Ireland on the 31st March [Monday 31 Mar 1873] that you all might learn by first mail of our safe arrival in Great Brittain [Britain].

The day after our landing in Liverpool, this town was astounded with Telegrams from Halifax [Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada] anouncing [announcing] the Disaster to the Steam Ship Atlantic and the loss of about 500 souls numbers of whom left families in this city where the ship was owned. [See details of the disaster on the website http://www.norwayheritage.com/articles/templates/great-disasters.asp?articleid=1&zoneid=1 .] The Disaster happened near Halifax [Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada] on her outward trip and on the night I last wrote to you [2 am Tuesday 1 Apr 1873]. The details you will doubtless have seen before my other letter reached you.

I trust you will all feel quiet in relation to myself only give me your faith & prayers as you have mine and I feel that we shall meet again in due time. I thank our Father in Heaven for his mercies unto us all and especially in sparing little Herbert [Herbert Hammond Snow] for he was surely nigh unto Death. May his life ever be devoted to the service of God. May you my Dear wife ever teach him and all your dear children to love & serve God and seek wisdom from his Holy word Be not neglectfull [neglectful] of your prayers and encourage the children to read the scriptures and do it yourself as much as your duties will permit. I am glad Josephine [Josephine Snow] is making such good progress in Telegraphy. You did not inform me how her eyes were or whether Doctor Anderson sent her any eye salve. I hope she will be able to study when there is another school. Likewise Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow-1854 ?]. After writing to Artimesia I came to Liverpool by rail and from here to Glascow [Glasgow] in Scotland where Elder David O. Calder is Presiding. Bro. Bleak & Birch attended the Glascow [Glasgow] Conference with me and there we met also elders Neff, Box, Jones, McQuarie McQuarrie ?], Hardy, Fairbanks and George Crisman all from Utah and had a very Good time

Yesterday [Tuesday 15 Apr 1873] we visited Edinburgh the Old Scottish Capital. The Seat of learning and the pride of Scotland. Returned to Liverpool today a distance of about 180 miles. This country is all cut up with Roads and trains run several times a day and at the rate of 30 to 40 miles an hour fare one penny equal to two cents per mile-third class, for you must know that class distinctions are kept up still in this country first class for the Nobility & gentry, the third for working men among whom Mormon elders generally ride. We go from here to visit Manchester and to attend Notingham [Nottingham] conference next Sunday [20 Apr 1873] where I expect Erastus W. [Erastus White Snow] will meet me and go with me to London then to Paris and Vienna. The weather is cold & damp and my health is not the best. Wish to go farther south in search of summer and sunshine. Your loving husband E. Snow [Erastus Snow]