St. George March 16 1873 [St. George, Utah Sunday 16 Mar 1873]

My Dearly Beloved Husband [Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

I have been very negligent about writing but my babe requires so much of my time and attention that I have not found time to write and answer your kind letter which was very thankfully received and was glad to learn that you were feeling ressted [rested] and better than when you left home and hope by this time you are having a good time visiting among your relatives and fiends. The Lord has truly been very merciful to us in sparing little Herbert [Herbert Hammond Snow] and raising him up again and I realized although you were absent we still had your Faith and prayers he was very sick for two weeks after you left but he now begins to play still he is very troublesome and I have to spend a good share of my time taking care of him. We are all very busy with our springs work I have been outside the gate onse [once] since you left the family are all as well as usual & I belive [believe] the big boys have all left school Flora [Florence Snow] is still in school Josephines [Josephine Snow] eyes are about the same as when you left she is taking lessons in Telegraphing with Mrs. Spilsbery she says she would be able to take an Office in one month but I do not know as she can continue her practice after Robert returns Miss Paddocks school closed yesterday I shall send Georgeanna [Georgiana Snow] to Br Resler tomorrow she is learning very fast Martha [Martha Ellen Snow] and Ashby [Ashby Snow] go to Sister Calkin Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow] runs away onse [once] in a while.

He says he is as big as Ashby [ashby Snow] and can learn to read he often talks about you and wonders [why] you donít come and see him when I tell him you are gone away off he says no you are up to Artimesias [Artimesia Beman Snow]. The wether [weather] has been quite warm and pleasent [pleasant] for the last week the trees begin to look quite green apricots and peaches in blossom pear and other green stuff up in the garden Br. Clayton takes a little too much wine occasionaly [occasionally] he made a fuss at Artemisias the other day and threatened to leave but went back the next morning and asked her forgiveness Our young Folks attended the funeral of Emily Duncan yesterday [Saturday 15 Mar 1873] at Washington there is not much Sickness since the wether [weather] became a little warmer

Br. Gardiners family did not come down as he expected so our basement rooms still remain empty Benjamin and Emma were down last week and spent two days they are going to Cedar Springs to spend the summer Your Brother William [William Snow] was in a few days ago he said the president [President Brigham Young] had telegraphed to him to come up for Abby and her children she has left Br Resler and wishes to come to St George [St. George, Utah]

I wrote to you while you were in the city but suppose it was to [too] late to reach you before you left

I am anxious to hear that you are safe across the water May the Lord bless you and bring you safe home again in the prayer of your effectionate [affectionate] wife E. R. Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

I trust we shall hear from you often.

Br. Rosler and the girls have just come in from meeting they all wish to be remembered to you my regards to Erastus W and B [Erastus White Snow ?] and [Erastus Beman Snow ?] & Br Blake [Bleak ?]