Mrs. Artimesia Snow

March 15th / 73 [Saturday 15 Mar 1873]

Mr. Erastus Snow

42 Islington Liverpool


St. George March 15 73 [St. George, Utah Saturday 15 Mar 1873]

My dear and ever remembered husband. I was just taking my pen in hand to write you. When Bro. Pym and wife came in and handed me your welcome letter it being the first word I had received from you in any shape since you left home. Though I do not intend to find any fault with you as I have not written myself. And as Erastus B [Erastus Beman Snow] had written and Misha [Artimesia Snow] also I did not consider it quite so necessary. Though perhaps this may be no excuse for me. If you think so pardon me and I will try and do better in the future. I was truly thankful to hear from you and learn how you stood the journey up

I know by the weather here that it must be very cold, stormy, and disagreeable. I thought of you day and night. But I could assist only, by my prayers. I hope before this you have fully recovered from the affects of the trip. I expect ere this reaches you, you will have crossed the deep and briny Ocean. I pray my heavenly Father that it may be in safely. And without accident. When I read of the many accidents that occured upon the Rail Road [railroad] and the loss of vessels upon the sea. Especially the North fleet disaster. 400 souls strugling [struggling] for life at once. It makes me shudder it is terrible to think of.

After all it is what we are looking for and expecting. If we can only be prepared for all these events that are coming, it will be well with us. I am happy to say that this family are all in comfortable health. Little Herbert has not fully recovered, but is gaining. On Wednesday [19 Feb 1873] after you left I was taken with a chill and sore throat, which made me feel quite miserable for several days there has been considerable sickness since you left. But the health of the people now seems to be improving.

Emily Duncan died day before yesterday [Thursday 13 Mar 1873]. Our young folks have all gone to the funeral today. She was conscious to the last, but did not want to die. She was at one time to all appearance dead. They closed her eyes and placed her hands. She revived and lived five hours. Sister Ivins has been a very sick woman, is better now. Also Brother Calkin [sic] has been very sick.

Erastus [Erastus Beman Snow] and Franklin [Franklin Richards Snow] have been out of school a few days. Setting out trees and grape vines, the weather came on so very warm it was necessary it should be done. The colts have been sick with the Epizooties [?]. They are getting over it now. I have been out a few times. The boys are going to send them out to the herd soon as they have fallen away considerable during there sickness. You did not mention having received any letters from home. Erastus [Erastus Beman Snow] wrote you on some items of business for which he has been looking for an answer. If I can judge from appearances we shall have a full supply of Tanbark and harness leather soon. Since I commenced this letter Orson [Orson Pratt Snow] has been taken with a chill has had a fever all night. My sheet is about full and I shall have to quit writing. Remember me to Erastus W [White] and Br. Bleak. may the Lord bless you and return you to me safely is my prayer.

Artimesia Snow [Artimesia Beman Snow]