8 oclock [o'clock] PM Sunday Feb 6th 1870 [Sunday 6 Feb 1870]

My Dearly Beloved Elisabeth

I have only heard through others of your wellfare [welfare] since I bid you adieu. Have looked anxiously for something from you or your girls, but suppose they are busy with work and studies and you poorly & I am obliged to excuse you, but how much better it seems to trace lines penned by those we love than merely to hear of them through others. Today I got nothing from home except a short letter from Bro. Eyring in which he said one of your children (name not mentioned) was sick as also Erastus B. [Beman] & Franklin supposed to be mumps.

I begin to feel much anxiety about you and wonder how you hold out to go up and down stairs and whether you are able to get any woman to stay with you. Do so if you can and I will pay them the best of pay and if you need any good brandy get it of Bro. Pym who has some belonging to the Co-Op-store. And any groceries or other necessaries needed apply to Bro. Bleak if you choose. I want you to have everything that can add to your comfort.

I suppose when this reaches you that your hour of fear, hope and I trust also of Joy will be nigh at hand. I shall wait anxiously for the anouncement [announcement] by Telegraph donít let me be disappointed. I always remember you in my prayers and you Dear children. How I want to see you all. I wrote you a few lines in Bro. Bleaks letter about a week since. I responded to the call in his Ticket and had a very pleasant Party it being composed largely of our old acquaintance [acquaintances] The chief drawback to my enjoyment was the absence of my own loved ones to share it with. Besides our city friends there were all the sister Grants. Bro. Noble & wife, Eliza & Edgar and Edward Noble with a branfire [brand fire ?] new wife. I had just been with the Presidency & Twelve to take our annual Dinner with Jane and had not concluded to attend the Party untill [until] Bro. Noble called after dark and promised me Susan for a partner. I was glad I went for I had neither attended a party or Theatre [theater] since I arrived except at the Theatre [theater] when I first landed. I have just come from Harriets & Marthas find Martha poorly. Just escaped slipping her apron strings. Susan doing well and all the rest. Your Brother Benjamin has another boy now about 2 weeks old. Bryant just returned from Cove Creek. Your effectionate [affectionate] husband E. Snow

Tell Marta & Ashby Pa wants to kiss them a heap. Yes and so he would all the rest.