Mr. Erastus Snow [Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

G. S. L. City [Great Salt Lake City, Utah]


St. George, Jan 23. 1870 [St. George, Utah Sunday 23 Jan 1870]

My dear Husband. I received your welcome letter dated Jan 13 [1870] and was glad to hear of your safe arrival. As I did not consider it very safe travling [traveling] at that time, I felt quite uneasy about you. Especialy [especially], Mahonri as I knew his ten mules would be quite a temptation to the Indians, to make way with him. The last I heard from him was the morning he left Beaver [Utah]. I suppose he is on his return home before this if all is well. I am thankfull [thankful] your health is good. And trust your eyes will gradualy [gradually] gain strength if you do not missuse [misuse] them. I think sometimes it may be a blessing to you in the end it may prevent you from sitting up so late nights. And over working yourself. Try and favor yourself all you can this winter no body [nobody] will thank you for killing yourself we alone shall be the sufferers. I hope you are comfortably situated and some one to look after your comfort. My health is about the same as when you left with the exception of a very heavy cold. Which affects my head and lungs very much. The children have all been poorly with the mumps Liza and Orson now has [have] them. Moroni has been quite sick with them. Has not been able to attend school the last two weeks. is now getting better

I received by last mail a letter from my oldest brothers daughter as he is very much afflicted with rheumatism and is not able to write or dictate a letter himself. My brother-in-law Alanson Janes has died since they last wrote. He was 74 years of age. They say we must not give them any false encouragement about visiting them. Br. McArthurs wife Mary was buried last week. William [Snow ?] is here and is well. Mary Gates has been quite poorly with a heavy cold and her old complaints. Edy [Eddy ?] is quite sick today coming down with the mumps I presume. I have no news of particular to write I suppose you are kept posted by telegraph of all news of importance I feel sorry for Malissa [Melissa] with all her folly. You wished me to remind you of the hooks or knobs for the windows and looking glass and also fringe for the curtains. It will take 20 yds for the front room or 27 for the front room and bedroom. No more at present write often from your affectionate wife

A. [Artimesia Beman Snow] Snow

Dear Father.

As mother has left a little space I thought I would write a few lines. I suppose that mother has told you of all the news, They have been driving cattle for the last two weeks, and taking them to the herd, we have found 13 head of cattle, the indians [Indians] are still making raids and are still threatening more as I have not much room I must close. Please bring me a set of bincloaplanes [binoculars ?] from your son Erastus Beman