Salt Lake City Feb 21st 1869 [Salt Lake City, Utah Sunday 21 Feb 1869]

(10 oclock [o'clock] P.M. Sunday)

My Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth] by last weeks mail I learned from Erastus W. [White] that you had just received a letter from me, and I fondly looked for a reply by todays mail, and went between meetings to the office (which is open on Sundays only from 12 to 1) but came away disappointed, without a line from any of my family. I should have laid it [to] the late storms interupting [interrupting] the mails, had I not got letters from Washington [Utah] and Harrisburg [Utah] and also one from Sister Snell. She mentions the children attending her school but no particulars about the family. I ask myself the question, why does not Elisabeth write? Is she sick or is she to [too] busy with her family cares? I hope it is not the former. Well I must content myself without any letter to reply to, or knowing the reason why, but I will not chide you for I know you have been quite poorly, but think that a little time devoted to communion between your heart and mine would beguile those cares, and relieve your spirit as well as mine; though you in the midst of your family and friends do not perhaps fully realize, how much I appreciate letters from the loved ones at home, and the disappointment I feel at missing them. To be sure I have not as much anxiety for your health as I used to feel before we had a telegraph, because I think if any thing very serious should occur affecting my family I should quickly get the news by telegraph but though I might feel satisfied that you are well and feeling well yet it is sweet satisfaction to have you say so, and give expressions of confidence and love. I have cherished a faint hope, though perhaps groundless of some good seed taking root and bringing forth precious fruit, the rich tokens of our mutual and abiding love. If no such good tidings now await me, I trust they will not long be delayed. My heart is full of blessings for you and yours. May your precious life be long preserved to rear and teach your valued offspring and to cheer and encourage me on to duty and faithfullness [faithfulness] through life. I suppose this mail will bear you the Deseret News Containing Bro. Brighams [Brigham Young] address to the Sisters of the “relief society” [Relief Society] which I hope you and all the sisters will read and remember. After our Prayer Circle today I dined with the President [Brigham Young] in the Lion House and met at table most of his family, Your old acquantance [acquaintances] and visited with them and him untill [until] after dark, then went with Bro. E. T. [Ezra Taft] Benson and called on President Joseph Young and heard him and his children sing a few old hymns, after which we received their adieus and regards for our families, and went to Bro. Russels, heard Abby play on the Pianno [piano], also looked into Bro. H..S. Eldridges, chatted half an hour heard a little more singing and playing from Alice and her younger sister. After which I came back to my lodgings (Bro. Mussers) and chatted a while with Bro. [Orson] Hyde, wrote a letter for him to his family and must now take this and his, to the Post Office before going to bed. I have not been in to see any of your folks for several days, but saw Bryant Jim yesterday. They are well. Bryant is gone with Billy to arrange for hauling coal from the coal beds down to the Mouth of Echo [Canyon] to supply the Locomotives. Cars will soon emerge into Ogden vally [Valley]. We shall close our Legislative duties tomorrow. Expect Bro. Musser and Minerva tomorrow night [22 Feb 1869] or Tuesday [23 Feb 1869]. Shall probbably [probably] start home in a week after her arrival. If the roads and weather permit. We have had very fine weather untill [until] the last two days. Roads geting [getting] settled and people beginning to prepare for gardening. But now the ground is covered with snow and tis [it is] cold and wintry. Kiss the dear little ones for me and accept for yourself and the older ones, assurences [assurances] of my continued and unfailing effection [affection]. Hoping soon to have the pleasure of meeting with you I am as ever Truly Yours Erastus Snow