Salt Lake City 21st/69 [month?]

My Beloved Elisabeth [Elizabeth]

Tis [It is] nine oclock [9 o'clock] P.M. and the Southern mail leaves tomorrow morning. I have been today to Jane Blockhursts Anual [Annual] party for the Twelve and Presidency. There were at Table the first Presidency and Elders [John] Taylor, [Wilford] Woodruff, [Charles C.] Rich, [George Q. Cannon] Canon, B. [Brigham] Young Jr and myself [Erastus Snow] of the Twelve with parts of families. Bro. [Charles C.] Rich and myself [Erastus Snow] being the only ones who took no Ladies.

Bro. Noble and Loretta were there to assist in the entertainment. This evening I called on Susan, Martha & Harriet, found them all with the families in their usual health. Susan cooking for Briant [Bryant] to start to the Island [Antelope Island ?] tomorrow, Suse [Susie] little Briant [Bryant] and Louisa Jane to an evening school at the Council House. Martha sewing at her round table and Ellen and the little girls, studying or drawing pictures, Jeddy has a cold and a little croupy. Harriet sewing in her long room with children round her about in the same attitude Benjamin was down on Saturday last [date ?], says Anna has a babe about two weeks old, doing finely I have neither seen Mary nor Billy. The latter still lives with Nancy and the former live two Blocks down Main Street below their old place, where George has lately purchased a house & lot. So much for your side of the house. Now for mine, I have Barely called at Bro. Zera’s [Zerubbabel Snow] found them comfortable in their new house, built on the site of the old one. Three pleasant rooms below and three above.

Bro. William [Snow] and Sally are staying at Molvina’s, all well there. My sisters Mary and Melissa I have not seen, the latter lives upon a farm in Toele [Tooele] Valley.

As for myself I am busy as usual at my public duties. My health quite good, though my lungs still sensitive, but my systems better than before I left home. I am boarding with Elder O. [Orson] Hyde at A. M. Mussers where I have very comfortable quarters.

I was complimented with an invitation to the Bishops Party at 13 [13th] Ward Assembly rooms on Monday night. Had a pleasant Past time I have not yet attended Theatre [theater] though the institution is run every night in the week except Sundays. Amusements have much less charms for me, when none of those I love can participate with me. I have about finished the numerous items of business which I had to do in this city and begin now to have a little more leasure [leisure], and my mind wanders back to my home, to the Dear ones I have left behind. How is my Beloved Elisabeth [Elizabeth] and her darling little ones tonight? How I should like to drop in upon you tonight. I hope you and the girls will write often. I send a little paper & 25 cts [cents] to by [buy] some stamps, envelopes, Are the children in School or do you teach them at home, I hope both. If any still lack shoes, go and buy at once at Bentleys, Millers, Pymes or Birches. If Books, get them at Gergons or write to me & I will mail them. If any of you need notions let me know what I shall get for you. Do you get your daily wants supplied? Hoping to hear from you soon and something good and cheering. I remain effectionatley [affectionately] your husband and father. Erastus Snow