G. S. L. City U.T. [Great Salt Lake City Utah Territory] April 27th [Sunday 27 Apr 1862]

My Dear Elisabeth Tis [It is] 11 oclock [o'clock] Sunday night We are nearly packed up for starting on Tuesday. I thought I would drop you a line to keep you posted, for I realize you must feel lonesome since Benjamin & Emma left and my stay here [was] prolonged.

Benjamin arrived last Wednesday [23 Apr 1862] and Went directly to the Island to help Bryant about some cattle so that I have only seen him a few minutes when he came with the mules and Emma I have not yet seen. I intend having a visit with them at Mothers tomorrow evening if Bryant gets home. They are all doing well. Susan does not yet go out but is improving. My health is good and Artimesia seems gaining a little. I saw your Bro Benjamin today He sends his love to you. His folks are well and he is farming this year and feels well.

I have not been able to visit much during my stay here on account of undertaking to move down Artimesia for closing up my affairs have engrossed my attention and detracted from my enjoyment. I shall feel relieved when I get started and still more so when I get back to my field of labour [labor] and to my beloved ones who miss me there. If Artimesia can endure the ride we shall not be more than two weeks reaching Pine valley [Pine Valley, Utah] and soon thereafter St George [St. George, Utah]. Little Susan, Cloe and the other children send lots of love to Libby & Flora & Josephine. Tell Minerva [Minerva White Snow 1822-1896] [I] was glad to receive her letter of the 15th [Tuesday 15 Apr 1862] on Wednesday last [23 Apr 1862]. Mother White is yet here and well. I have offered to procure a passage for herself and goods directly to St George with a horse team but she declined it for the present. The weather has been cold here and so much snow in the mountains that the teams will not start for Florence until about the middle of May. Billy is going for Bryant.

Tuesday evening 29th [Tuesday 29 Apr 1862]

Bryant and the Boys returned from the Island today and as I did not get ready to start our visit came off this evening. Bryant, Nathaniel, Benj [Benjamin] & Emma. Harriet and Billy were all there with the children and Susan was up a few minutes for the first time since her confinement. But you were absent from the circle though you came in for a full share of the conversation.

Martha says she is coming down to St George with Bryant if he comes My ox team is started and we start with the Horses & mules Tomorrow. kiss the children for me And I will repay it to you when I come.

Be of good cheer I shall soon be with you From your effectionate [affectionate] husband Erastus

P.S. If Minerva has not already done it, I wish a message sent immediately to Bro Higbe [Higbee] of Santa Clara to come immediately to take charge of the Cording Machine at Cedar.

Tell Bro Gardner to rent the lot drawn by Benjamin in the field (viz [namely] West ½ of the 12) to some one coming in late if opportunity offers. If Norman can well be spared from his labours [labors] there I should like him to meet us and help put in some potatoes and other garden stuff at Pine valley.

Tell Bro. Gardner that I was very glad to receive his letter by Benjamin and thankfull [thankful] for its many items of interest to me But must ask to bring my answer with me. E.S. [Erastus Snow]