G. S. L City [Great Salt Lake City, Utah] April 16th / 62 [Wednesday 16 Apr 1862]

My Beloved wives and children in St George

As Brother Wm [William] Branch starts in the stage tomorrow morning I embrace the opportunity of writing a few lines and also of sending some locust seeds and a few Walnuts.

I wish Bro. Pope to crack the walnut shells a little without hurting the meat if Possible and soak them in warm water a day or two and then plant in moist ground. Let Minerva scald with boiling water the Locust seeds and after remaining a few minutes in the water take them out and leave them on a plate till [until] partly dry and then repeat the scalding process and again the Third time in the same manner and then let Bro. Pope plant them in a bed at the upper end of the lot between the fruit trees on the east side the saw pitt [sawpit] or else about one foot apart only a few inches under the serfice [surface] having the ground moist and then spread some fire chips, straw & manure from the yard, or other bitter ones then, enough to prevent their drying out before they strike root. I shall have to rely on you Minerva & Elizabeth to watch a little and instruct brother Pope in making you a good kitchen garden. Save a few cucumber seeds for late planting also some late corn. If he will plant some seed ends of potatoes or the small ones in the lowest part of the garden where the sawpit was say about 18 inches deep with a spade I think you can have some potatoes to grobble [?] in August & September. If Jacob thinks it time to plant cotton, cane, and corn I should like to have Erastus & Bro Pope plant the 2 ½ acres joining Jacobs share [by ?] Pierces old house. Tell Jacob to get them the seed. If the wheat & Barley need watering Norman must attend to it and if Bro Gardner needs his help on the mill he will respond as far as consistent with other necessary labours [labors] and do the best he can using his own best Judgement [judgment] untill [until] I return which from presant [present] indications will not be sooner than the 10th to the 15th of May [10 May 1862].

I met a snow storm at Cedar City and had snow & mud nearly all the way up and it has continued on nearly all the time till now before one storm dried off another came. Last night it snowed several inches and it has been snowing this afternoon and evening but melting as it fell. The hills around the city have been clothed white allmost [almost] to their base ever since my arrival.

The spring seems holding off for Winter to finish up its work which was left undone last December. I have nothing yet from Benjamin since I left but shall look for him by the first of next week I cannot get ready to start back under a week from now [it] is so soon. I am trying to arrange to bring the rest of my family with me. Artimesias health is improving a little. I take her out about every fair day. The rest of the family are enjoying their usual health. Mother White is still in her house. If I had sufficient team I would take her with us, but I do not see how I can. I have offerd [offered] to send her to Sanpete. She will probably go if Martin comes after her.

Bro. Brigham [Young] wants this place for a portion of his family. Mother White wants to send Erastus some strawberry roots.

Bryant and family are generally well. Susan has a fine boy but is not able to go our much yet. Martha says she is going south with Bryant. They all miss Elisabeth much their children send lots of love to Libby, Flora & Josephine. I expect to take Artimesia to Pine valley for the present so that we can visit back And forth during summer. I wish Bro. Higbee of Santa Clara to meet me at Cedar City by the 5th May [5 May 1862] to take charge of the cording Machine.

I wish you to send him word if you can immediately. Let him come to Bishop Lunts. The Legislature is in session [and] will adjourn soon. Capt. [Captain] Hooper & G. Q. [George Q.] Cannon are elected to the U. S. Senate [?].

Capt. [Captain] Hooper will start soon for Washington [D.C.] Br. C. [George Q. Cannon] will meet him from Liverpool. Tell Bro. Gardner that Bro. Lang was in the city on Monday with a load of Hay for sale. Had not sold his place yet but hoped to be able to do so soon. Bishop Miller says Bro. Gardners folks are all well. Tell Jacob, Mary and her house are about status quo. She would send him Pork, Boots, fruit trees & stock, if she could get any body [anybody] to take them. Melissa is poorly her eyes are worse. I must close for want of room to write more for there is no more paper in the house. Be of Good cheer Elisabeth [Elizabeth]. Take good care of yourself. God Bless you & sustain you. Bryant & the girls appear a little chagrined at Richard & Benjamin deserting their posts so soon. My Love to all. E. [Erastus] Snow.