Box 3957 New York May 28th 1861 [Tuesday]

My Beloved Elisabeth Another week has roold [rolled] round and time for me to write again for next mail. Elders [Orson] Pratt Jones & Hooper have received letters by last mail but mine (if any came) has gone to St Louis I suppose. I expect however it will be remailed to me here.

I have nothing of special importance to write but wish not that you should look in vain for a letter, even though it may be dry.

Elder Milo Andrews (with 618 European Emigrants arrived here per Ship Underwriter last Wednesday [22 May 1861] and on Thursday [23 May 1861] most of them started on by Rail Road [railroad] to Florence Joined also by a few families from this vicinity in general good health and fine spirits. When they landed near 200 lacked means to go on to Florence but through Capt [Captain] Hooper donating 150 dollars and others a little all but about 40 souls were sent forward with much lighter hearts. We have fixed upon Tuesday 11th June [11 Jun 1861] for the Emigrants from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut to leave this city in a special Train amounting to some four or five hundred. Whether I shall accompany them or wait for the Danes (some 600 by next ship due here about 15th June [15 Jun 1861]) is not yet settled. I would try to visit Artimesias folks if she had written to them. I have written three or four times and received no reply since Alvas [Alvah's] first. Julias Aunt Curtis fell into my company acidentally [accidentlyh] a few evenings ago in Williamsburg but she was very shy and talked but little. I wish I could spend a little time with your uncle Richard. Perhaps I may in the Latter part of Summer. After I return from the Frontier. Oh! The thought of going 2/3 home and then returning without seeing my fond and loving ones!! It wont [won't] do to think about I must throw it off over the left. I dreamed a few nights ago that I went home on Sabbath, called and greeted a few of the family (others absent) and then went to meeting. Had a good talk with Bro. Brigham [Young] thought I had to return same evening and I awoke before I got round to say Howde [howdy] and good bye [goodbye] to the rest of my family. I have just received a letter from Bro. Lilyenquist [Lillenquist] from Denmark. He writes that they are baptising [baptizing] continually in all parts of the mission and prospects of a glorious harvest of souls and the best people of the land. He wished to be especially remembered to my family when I wrote Elder Van Sant had just left Copenhagen for England to see the Danish Emigrants off. Bro. Hooper has Bot [bought] an $800 Carriage for Prest. [President Brigham] Young and Harness to match it. He leaves for Ohio tomorrow and there with his family to Florence on his way to Utah. We have news from Jacob at Florence up to the 20th inst [instant – 20 May 1861]. Doing well, enjoying good health & spirits. I send Minerva a [Millennial] Star by this mail. I have been packing up a lot of things for you all today. Have been quite busy of late with the emigration and other duties of late. How I should like to see you all and drink deep from the fountain of effection [affection] flowing from the many fond and pure hearts that yearn after me!

I must wait with patience and be comforted with ministering council [counsel] and consolation to others in these land, who are perhaps equally precious in the sight of God. So I will send a Kiss to the little ones & my fervent prayers for you all. Your effectionate [affectionate] Erastus.