April 14 1861 [Sunday]

My Dear and beloved Erastus

When the noise and labors of the day are over and all around is still and quiet it is then I sit down and think of one who is far away and the many happy hours we have spent together are then remembered and I often ask myself will they ever come again & shall I ever hear your voice and enjoy your socity [society] as in days gone by; and then I think of the blessing you pronounced upon my head before you left and the promise that I should behold my Husband again and I belive [believe] I shall I am glad to learn that your health is improving you must take good care of yourself and not expose yourself too much in traveling about from place to place.

My health has not been very good this spring I have a great deal of the nervous headache the family are all as well as usual Father Coup has moved to Willow Creek today he tells one he is going to be married we did not know of it untill [until] last night and had depended on him to carry on the garden this summer Artimesia does not feel able to pay a hired man but she will see Bryant and talk with him about it before she concludes what to do she felt as though she could not write and requested me to write and inform you that Lorenzo had sent you 293 two hundred and ninety three dollars by Joseph W. Young and if you wish to use the money before he arrives you can draw on Pgpen [?] he would have borrowed the other seven dollars but Artimesia told him to give that to her when he could get it

Z Derricks the man that has taken the carding wishes to know where the drawing of the picher [picture] frame is by looking at the books he finds it was lent to you Lorenzo thinks he has paid too much for the carding machine come to look over the bill he says he shall talk to you with tears in his eyes when he sees you

it is now late and I must close so I will bid you good night [goodnight] Mary Stringam [Stringham] has a fine boy two weeks old