Great Salt Lake City [Great Salt Lake City, Utah]

March 27th 1861 [Wednesday 1861-03-27]

My Dear Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888] The eastern mail arrived here on monday [1861-03-25] and brought your favor of February 27th for which I thank you for it does me good to hear from you and to feel that I am not forgotten I was glad to learn that your health is improving and that you have made up your mind to live and enjoy life for I believe there are many happy days for you and you will live and reap a rich reward for all your toil a [and] labors in this wourld [world]. Oh how I should like to see you and talk with you to night [tonight] for after the children are in bed and I take my pen to write there is a feeling of lonelyness [loneliness] steals over me and I feel that you are far away but I believe that we shall meet again and feel doubly paid for our long seperation [separation] the children are well Josephine has had very sore eyes but they are getting better they received the primers you sent them and was [were] much pleased with them I must not tell you what a good cry Elizabeth had about it they are not going to school so you need be in no hurry about her spelling book the wether [weather] has been very pleasant until within a few days we have had quite a snow storm and it is raining hard to night we are just out of wood. I have been up to tell Bryant and he says we shall have some tomorrow he has told us to call on him when we want anything he has let us have two loads of wood and corn to feed our hogs and one sheep

I suppose you have learned ere this that Minerva has a son she has got along very well but she has not felt quite as well today and I have been helping her with her work.

Father Coup is well he has been putting in a few seeds I have planted a bed of tomatoes in the front yard where we had peas last year the peach trees are very forward they look almost ready to blossom Bryant was showing me his [Today ?] he is afraid they will all be killed.

It is now almost time for our Conference I presume you will be attending Conference at the same time all is peace and quiet here Br. Brigham [Young] preaches nearly every sunday [Sunday] from the stand but I have not been to meeting this winter but I mean to go this summer for Josephine is now old enough to leave with Elizabeth

There has been a man here to buy your city lot in the eleventh [11th] Ward Artimesia wants to know if she shall sell it and how much it is worth

we have not wanted for anything to make us comfortable since you left we are now nearly out of Flour but I think some will come before long from Iron County the potatoes that George brought us in the fall have lasted us all winter I tell Artimesia I belive [believe] the Lord has lengthened them out at any rate we have enough to last some time to come we have had no meat except the pork we killed in the winter and I think that will last untill [until] we get some from the South I do not know as this will interest you any but I did not happen to think of anything else to write

I hope you will come across Uncle Richard Hammond in your travels I should realy [really] like to hear from him mother always believed he would be a mormon [Mormon] it is now getting late and my eyes are very weak so I will close after wishing you good night [goodnight] God bless you and return you home once more Elizabeth Snow

Brother Jesse Haven has buried his first wife she died with [quirsy – dropsy ?]

I hope you will send us some cotton yarn as I have my rags all ready to weave for [carpenny ?]