Philadelphia, PA [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

January 2, 1861 [Wednesday 1861-01-02]

My Dear Elisabeth

Permit me to wish you a happy new year, and in doing so how much pleasure it would afford me to share it with you. I suffice [sic] it is a merry time in Salt Lake City [Salt Lake City, Utah]. How often have I thought of home during the Holly Days [holidays]. I hope you will all try to enjoy yourselves or much as you can during this winter. Though if you were correctly represented to me in a recent dream, you may begin to feel somewhat unwieldy in the dance. I was glad to learn that your health was improved and while I appreciate the melancholy fact that the burdens and career of your life are already impairing your power of endurance, I am comforted with the reflection that your experience completed with your goodwill of heart, in fitting you to council [counsel] and guide others who may follow in your footsteps, or whose duty it may be to relieve you of the burdens of foiling [?] years.

Your welcome letter of 28th November [1860-11-28] contained many interesting items. I hope to have many such from you. Direct for the present to Post Box 3957 New York, NY [New York City, New York] I expect to return there in a few days thence Eastbound to Boston [Boston, Massachusetts] and Salem [Salem, Massachusetts] and other places Post. I have spent about 12 days very agreeabley ]agreeably] and I trust profitably in this city in company with Elder O. [Orson] Pratt and J.S.S. MacAllister [J. D. T. McAllister ?]. We have either preached or been engaged in family parties most every day and night. yesterday eleven persons were baptized and confirmed in the church among whom were Bro. MacAllister’s mother, Brother and a Nephew and niece. I wrote to Artimesia [Artimesia Beman (Snow) 1819-1882] last week and hope you will resime [?] all my letters solely.

If you see Susan Grant and her associates present them my sympathies and congratulations, trusting that they have done neither without the approval of Bro. Brigham [Young]. I would like to send you and the children some new year presents but shall have to put off till next summer when I hope to be able to send something acceptable for you all. I will endeavor to send Julia a letter with the liking she desires next week, and a magazine. I am glad to hear that Elisabeth learns so well she must send me words what looks [books ?] she wants. Flora too. How I would like to kiss them all and all the other dear little children who love me. So they miss me. Tell Artimesia that I am stopping man [now ?] at Mr. Fenton’s. Sister L. or also Susan Conrad (now Mrs. Wilkinson) and a few other old members of this branch remember her when Sarah was four months old beginning to suck a silver tube. They still hold onto faith though they follow a far off.

My kind rememberances [remembrances] to Bro. Coupe. I hope he has good health this winter. I wish he had [a] good feather bed. Make him as comfortable as you can. I have seen his old president John Hollist. He lives at Omaha Nebraska, some in New York remember him and speak highly of him. Did you get the strawberries set out? What for a winter are you having and how are the first.... My [The ?] states are approaching a crisis. South Caroline [Carolina] troops are already in possession of the M.L. arsenal and auston [?] House and his fortress. I however don’t think myself fighting will be done before Lineau [?] is inusay [?] wrote on the 9th March next.