924 Brown Street

Philadelphia Pa [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Dec 26th 1860 [Wednesday 1860-12-26]

My Dearly beloved Artimesia [Artimesia Beman (Snow) 1819-1882]

I have had a treat today, viz: the perusal of your letter of the 17th November [Saturday 1860-11-17] as also one from Elisabeth & Julia each containing much that was interesting as well as some that was distressing, not to mention the infamous conduct of Hanson; and other disappointments which you have encountered.

I wrote you from New York about ten days [about Sunday 1860-12-16] since which I hope you will receive in due time and I will try to find time to answer those of Elisabeth [Elizabeth] & Julia next week meantime Permit me to inform you all a weekly mail runs now between Salt Lake city [Salt Lake City, Utah] and St Joseph [St. Joseph, Missouri] and I think that among you all at least one letter each week might be afforded me if no more.

I feel much to regret your continued poor health, but so long as you are so I do not wish you to fret about outdoor business although I am well aware that the very nature of your complaint, is constantly to weaken your nerves and render you more sensitive to every annoyance. I hope you will however take as little care and responsibility upon yourself as possible, leaving every member of the family at least to bear their own. And I trust that they may also be able somewhat to lighten yours. I hope you have got your wheat and leather from Sanpete before this but if the leather has not come, I doubt not it will be satisfactorly [satisfactorily] adjusted. I will write to Bishop Seely on the subject as he has my instructions in relation to the leather so soon as it is finished.

Tell Bro. Lorenzo [Lorenzo Snow ?] It would be quite as satisfactory for him to send me a draft on Capt Hooper [Captain Hooper] if it be more convenient for him. I think I will also write to the County Court of Davis County in relation to the movement that is being made to deprive my farm of water.

If however they decide to do it and give you or me no notice to defend my claim you need not trouble your brains one particle about it nor shall I take any further trouble about it untill [until] I come home. If the water be withheld you will have less to look after. If it be granted I wish Workman to keep up good fences and build it strong as new on the south side for about 25 rods where it is poor. George understands about it, and whatever contract you have made with Workman should be in writing and duly signed by him. If George is not able to assist you in such matters apply to Bro. Noble, Romel or Doct. Clinton [Doctor Jeter Clinton], for assistance and council. In relation to selling the farm to Workman or anyone else unless one half the price at least is paid down in stock or something better I should not sell. The ballance [balance] might be paid in grain at fair market price in anuel [annual] Payments. You did not inform me as to the terms on which you have rented the farm to Workman, nor whether he had moved onto it, nor whether you got everything right of Bishop Woolly. If Hansons order for wheat be not Promptly paid, Put it into Bro. Lorenzo’s [Lorenzo Snow] hands and instruct him to collect off him not only the full value of the ox but for the time he used them and for what he packed off when he left the farm. Brother Alexander will credit you for what lumber may be needed for the fence until I return if you cannot sooner pay it. It is important to complete the fence and have it well done and posts drawn up close and spiked through the top.

I hoped the boys would attend the free accademy [academy]. I wish Mahonri and Artimesia to write to me how they are learning. I hope Missara will improve in music and I hope to be able to send her a Mellodia next summer. Kiss the babe and all the little ones for me etc. etc.

E. Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

If you are short of wood as I suppose you are, let Minerva request her mother to dispense with her fire and move in with her or else apply to the Bishop for wood which ever she pleases to do.