Great Salt Lake City [Great Salt Lake City, Utah]

November 28 1860 [Wednesday 1860-11-28]

Dear Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888] the children have just gone to bed and I have set down to have a few moments quiet to let you know of my welfare and that I have not forgotten you we have received three letters from you since you left and were glad to learn that you were so near the end of your journey or at least that part of it and I trust this will find you in more comfortable quarters than them in the storm at Fort Kearny [Nebraska] I am pleased to learn that your health is improving and I trust it will still continue my health is better than it was in the summer but I find I cannot do as much hard work as I once could the children are well Elizabeth and Florence are going to school to Sarah Eldridge Elizabeth learns very fast Josephine is as good natured as ever and grows fat every day she is just begining [beginning] to talk we are getting along very well with a little bad luck now and then but I suppose Artimesia will write about those things Father Coupe is well he has been at work at the fence the last two days we have had good weather all the fall and I think we shall have a pleasant winter our ward school house is nearly completed and I believe they intend to have a party there on Christmas the evenings are growing long and it would be so pleasant to have you drop in onse [once] in a while but I must not think of that for a least too [two - 2] years I find plenty to do all the time to keep me buisy [busy] I have just run fifty pounds of candles for Susan and Martha and shall soon have some for Harriot. I take my pay in candles susan has been here today and bryant [Bryant] called for her this evening the family are all well and wish to be remembered to you tomorrow I shall go down to Malvinas to spool the warp for our linsey, it has been quite sickly here this fall and there has been a great many deaths among the number Dr [Doctor] Richardson Sister Clawson and John Leynch but I thank the Lord that he has spared all our lives and we are all enjoying comfortable health I suppose you have heard before this time that Sarah has another son it is about one month old she has not been down and we have had no opportunity of going to see her she is well I do not know the boys name I stay close at home and do not know much that is going on I went to conference one half day that is the only time I have been to meeting since you left James and Eliza and John were here through conference John was married the day before they went home they stayed with me most of the time I understand Jedediah Grants wives have been divorced from George and bryant [Bryant] is to take charge of the property I have not seen any of the girls since it happened Howard Spencer was run over in the Kanyon [Canyon] last week and nearly killed there was two cords of wood on the wagon it ran over his body and one of his hands Benjamin Stringam [Stringham] went out in the night with the Doctor they found he had broken one of his hands and it was swolen [swollen] so he could not set it he seems to be unfortunate well it is late and the fire is down so I will bid you good night [goodnight] write often we are always glad to hear from you may the Lord bless you in all your labors and release you unto us again is the prayer of your ever true and effectionate [affectionate] wife

Elizabeth [Rebecca Ashby Snow]

Thursday morning [1860-11-29] I have just come from bryants [Bryant] and they tell me the news came in last night that George A Smiths [George A. Smith] son is killed by the indians [Indians] it will be sad news for his parents.