On Envelope

Mr. Erastus Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

Box 3957 Post Office

New York [New York City, New York]

Nov 22, 1860 [Thursday 1860-11-22]

G.S.L. City Nov 27, 1860 [Great Salt Lake City, Utah Tuesday 1860-11-27]

My dear Husband. [Eastus Snow 1818-1888]

As all the rest of the family have gone to bed, I seat myself in quietude to write a few lines. As Elizabeth and Julia are both writing, I shall not have much to write, only to answer some of your questions in your last letter which we received about a week ago [Thursday 1860-11-15]. And were glad to hear from you as we always are when you are gone, and hope you will still continue to be as punctual in writing as you have been thus far. The family are all quite well at present my health is about the same as when you left. I get most discouraged some times [sometimes] thinking perhaps I shall never be any better, then again hope brightens me up that some future day I may be able to administer to the wants of my family. I find it very difficult to get along to see and tend to things as they ought to be in my present state of health in fact I cannot do it. Things have to go about as they are a mind to. And I set down and fret over it. I feel as though burdens were heaped upon me when I was the least able to bear them, but I shall do the best I can with the help I have. The farm I have rented to Br. Workman, it was the only application I had. I don’t know as I have bettered it any by leting [letting] him have it but I am sure I could not work it. Hanson I have sent off the place. He has gone to Br. Elder. He has kept up that same lying spirit ever since you left that he has all summer and I hope I have seen the last of him I ever shall. For he has made me trouble enough, after working and beating the cattle nearly to death his time out for you he was not satisfied he told the boys he as going to have to cattle [?] to get up ten loads of wood for himself. Said you had promised them to him and he had paid for them. I sent word to him he could not have them. He said I should pay him some other way, they were runing [running] in Perkins field. The boys at home. He took them sent to the Kanyon,[Canyon] the third load killed one of them dead. The Spencer ox, all this time had a yoke of cattle of his own. I wrote a letter to George to come down and see to the cattle he came down took Hanson before the teachers, they said he must pay me for the Ox. It was valued in its poor condition when he took it. It was decided that one of his oxen and 5 dollars [$5] would pay for the ox, George said it was so poor it would not be likely to winter through, he took an order on a man in Kays ward for 25 bushels of wheat I have not sent for it yet don’t know whether I shall get it or not he very near made a clean sweep when he left, took chains, ox bows, ax, chickens, and everything else there was, if I had the cow I could buy a great deal more and better wood than he got so you see our winters wood is not up, and the cattle cannot be worked any more. Mother White did not go to Sanpete lives in her house and keeps a fire the same as though I had 50 cords of wood at the door and Minervas children at school. She alone keeping another fire, when we have not enough to last two months. The cattle are all delivered over to Ridalch [?] except one heifer and steer, the heifer they found but could not drive her. The steer they could not find. The hogs we found without any trouble. They came down to the mouth of the Kanyon [Canyon], br. Workman saw them and knew them, I’ve had breadstuff thus far from the wheat you bought of George and the 500 pounds of flour Lorenzo sent us during conference. I hear nothing of the wheat from Sanpete I have sold the heavy wagon for 45 dollars am to have it in flour. I hear nothing from the butcher or br. Nelson. I have writen [written] him a letter. Get no answer. his brother in law was down a few days ago I hear sent me no word, I begin to feel a little dubious of him we knew the worst kin. I have bought two or three pair of shoes we are kneeding [needing] some more very bad, there was not interst enough in all Provo to send down your barrell [barrel] of fish. Br Madsen sent down some fish a few days ago for sale and could not make sale of them, the brethren that brought offered to eschew barrells [barrels] I done [did] so. Bro Zera [Zerubbabel Snow] has not decided the 6 acres of land or said anything about it, Father Coup is now at work at the fence. Bro. Nelson has steady employment in a blacksmith shop has not done a days work for me since he finished the diching [ditching].

Bro Lorenzo [Lorenzo Snow ?] wished me to say to you if it would not be as well for him to send your money to Capt. Hooper [Captain Hooper] and wishes an answer. Says it will be ready for you. There is one thing about the farm I forgot to mention there is a petition before the County Court to have that block throwed [thrown] entirely out from the water, as it was the last land taken up. Bro. Perkins thinks there is no danger but what the Perkins claim will hold. Workman proposes buying the place but is not willing to pay your price but says he will leave it to disinterested persons to say what it shall be wants two years pay day in grain and stock he wished to mention it to you, as I could not sell on those terms without your consent. I thought we might about as well loose [lose] the land one way as another. I have setled [settled] my school bill with Bro. Haven which gives me courage to send them another quarter and am working everything I can to pay for my weaving which will amount to about 20 dollars [$20], you say go to the mill and get more lumber but you don’t say how I shall pay. Since I commenced this letter I have heard of the death of Geo A Smith [George A. Smith] son killed by the Indians, Dr. Richardson is dead, our new school house is to be dedicated Christmas day I have not seen Sarah since you left George has been down as well. It is now one oclock [o'clock] and I must bid you good night [goodnight]. I am as ever your affectionate wife

Artimesia [Artimesia Beman (Snow) 1819-1882]]