Fort Bridger Friday [???] morning Sept. 5th/60 [Wednesday 1860-09-05]

Mrs. Artimesia Snow [Artimesia Beman (Snow) 1819-1882]

Salt Lake city Utah [Salt Lake City, Utah]

My Dear wife and family. While Capt [Captain Hooper] is getting a little Blacksmithing done here I embrace the opportunity of writing a few lines to you.

We arrived and camped last night in the [willows] near this place quite chilled from a pirecing [piercing] cold blst [blast] and for about one hour after we were camped it snowed on us briskly but this morning the Sun shines out warm and the snow is disappearing and we shall be again on our way in about an hour. The captain has a [tent] with a little [stone] and we are quite comfortable and happy as children, except that we have felt a little annoyed at not overtaking the balance [balance] of the company.

They left Parleys Park about the same time on Saturday [1860-09-01] that we left G.S.L. city [Great Salt Lake City, Utah] and have traveld [traveled] as fast or faster than we have and are now about two days in advance of us and unless they hold up (which we think they certainly will do) we nay not overtake them this side [of] Larimie [Laramie, Wyoming]. Hendry with the Buggy I suppose is with them. I am consequently as yet unable to send back either Buggy or beding.[bedding] We are now in good health although Capt. [Captain Hooper] had one or two quite sick days and his little boy had the croup. We are now getting into fine traveling order and I can eat and sleep, ride or run with any of the company. We have fourteen persons in all in Capt. H’s [Captain Hoopers] three [3] waggons [wagons], besides [Ornus Bates] wagon with three men making 12 men in our company. We have had a little detention by our mules running back and wild in Echo Canyon we had to lay over 3/4 of a day and chase a mule back to the foot of the big mountain. We [now] watch and guard them closely which makes a little more work for us than it would if we were with the rest of the company.

I forgot to mention to you that there remains [dine ?] Stins Needbam & Co. [?] between two and three Dollars [$2 and $3] for you [to] Bye [buy] stuffs which you can probably settle with or order from Lorenzo [Snow ?]. Get George Thurston to make a new frame to my Wheelbarrow as it is needed much in the garden and with the manure. When father Conf [?] and Bro. Nelson get the board fence put up on the front of the two pine [five] acre lots I suppose they will lack a little lumber, if so get them to give the number and length of boards wanted and send to the same mill in Mill Creek for them and have the fence completed and let father Conf [?] get spikes made of [Frosts ?] to put through the top of each post. Let some one [someone] dig the Potatoes on shares at the same lot if need be give away [every] eighth bushel. Get Doct Clinton [Doctor Jeter Clinton] or Briant [Bryant] to look out for some suitable men to rent the farm who can furnishe [furnish] team [?] seed etc and give you 1/3 in the half Bushel to be delivered to you and he to keep [the] fences good. Let the terms be specified in writing. Perhaps Jesse Murphy will yet rent it. If it can be sold and part of the means sent down to Florence in the shape of money, mules, or oxen next spring you may sell it for $1000.00. I Pray god to Bless you with continual health & Peace.

Your effectionately [affectionately] Erastus Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

P.S. write me immediately Direct one letter to St. Joseph Mo [Missouri] and one to St. Louis [Missouri].