City of New York [New York City, New York] Dec 19th 1856 [Friday 1856-12-19]

To my Beloved and effectionate [affectionate] family

I address you Jointly for my time will not now admit of doing so seprately [separately]. My health is tolerable good though somewhat afflicted with cold & other causes not clearly known, which [with] occassion [occasion] disquiet slumber and restless nights of late. My last letter was addressed to Minerva & sent via California about the 15 Nov [15 Nov 1856 - Saturday]. I have heard nothing from you since the letter written by M [Minerva White (Snow)] on the 30th Sept [30 Sep 1856 - Tuesday]. November mail not yet arrived. I have felt much satisfaction in the society of Elder G. A. Smith [George A. Smith]. We have slept together most of the time since the 8th October [Wednesday 8 Oct 1856] and his lively turn and excellent humor has contributed greatly to relieve my spirits of the oppression and care and business. We had also a very good visit for one week with Bro. P.P.P. [Parley P. Pratt] and wife before we left St. Louis [Missouri]. The former is still in the west but is expected here soon. The latter started for New Orleans to seek her children.

Simultaneously with the arrival of the Missionaries, there were quite a number of apostate families from Utah landed in St. Louis. These horrid tales of suffering oppression and woe! Will I trust have the effect to open a way of ridding ourselves St Louis & vicinity of a class of stupid hangers-on who have been a constant vexation to my soul. Bro. Brighams [Brigham Young] Sermons delivered in Aug and Sept. have ben partialy [partially] copied and commented on, among our editors in the States and particularly that relating to the women Whining and his proposition to liberate them. The editors think the women will assert their rights and overthrow the "peculiar institution" and thus take the "Mormon Question~ for our Statement. Bro. G.A. S. [George A. Smith] and myself left St. Louis 28th Nov [28 Nov 1856 – Friday] by Rail Way via Terrehaute [Terre Haute, Indiana] to Cincinati [Cincinnati] Ohio. Where [we] held a few meetings with the Saints and then continued our Journey through Columbus O. [Ohio] Wheeling Va [Virginia] and Cumberland Md [Maryland] to Washington D.C. Where we arrived Dec 4th. [4 Dec 1856 – Thursday] The Rail Road [railroad] over the Aleghanies [Alleghenies] between Wheeling & Cumberland passes as rough country and grand scenery as we find in Utah.

Congress was quarrelling [quarreling] as usual over Slavery and "Squatter Sovereignty." No move yet made in referance [reference] to Deseret. I got cashed a small P. [Post] Office Draft which had previously been suspended, but could not get anything on our large Heywood Drafts. and as yet have received only 3 out of 20 expected Land Warrants. Doc. Berchisel [Dolctor Bernheisal] is in very good spirits. I wonder how he can endure the society that sorrounds [surrounds] him. Bro. [George A.] Smith & myself left Washington the following Saturday [6 Dec 1856] and spent Sabbath with the Saints in Philadelphia [Pennsylvania]. and then visited Bro. John R. Robbins family at Bicklesston N.J. [New Jersey] and other saints on Cream Ridge where I found sevral [several] who still remembered Artimesia who was there with me when Sarah was a babe. We came next to New York [New York City] where we have enjoyed the hospitality of Elder John Taylor ever since. Elder J. Comard is also here lately returned from England whether [?] had sent him on church business. Elder T. Bulluck [Thomas Bullock] and 6 other elders sailed from here yesterday [Thursday 18 Dec 1856] for Liverpool. I am waiting for a reply from Bro. S. W. Snow [Shipley Wilson Snow] to my proposition for him to meet me on a visit in Woonsocket. If he concludes to come I shall go and visit my folks. I shall call at Northbridge. Otherwise expect to return to St. Louis [Missouri] soon. I will probbably [probably] call & see my Sister in Wisconsin. wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and many of them. With effectionate [affectionate] regards for each and all I remain your husband & father.

E. Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

Post Script. Since finishing my letters I have received one from Bro. Shipley [Snow] saying that he will meet me at Woonsocket tomorrow [Saturday 20 Dec 1856] . E.S. [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]