St Louis Oct 25th 1856

My Dear and effectionate [affectionate] wife & family,

I received on the 5th inst [instant] your kind and interesting letter of August 29th and it aforded [afforded] me Joy mingled with sorrow. Joy that you were still alive and regaining your strength, which had been a matter of solicitude with me since previous mail, and I need not refer to the cause of sorrow.

One think I had anticipated, that my former letter in which I spoke of my pecuiniary [pecuniary] embarassments [embarrassments] reaching you as I knew it must, Just at your most critical period, would add to your afflictions and opperate [operate] as a terible [terrible] load upon your spirits.

I am thankfull [thankful] that the comforter was with you to enable you to throw it off and leave the matter in the hands of God. The [?] seems apearing [appearing] gradually for geting [getting] out of debt again, and I trust firmly in how [?] has sustained me all my life untill [until] the presant [present] day. Bro. B. [Brigham] Young by last mail wrote very comforting to me and told me the same, viz. not to allow it to trouble my mind or give myself any uneasyness [uneasiness] about my debts.

I have however been in deeper perplexity for the last six weeks than ever before by Bro. Spencer & Richards involving me in behalf of the Emigration to the amount of near Twenty five Thousand dollars this season. I had endorsed and negotiated D. Spencers Drafts on Liverpool office by which to raise him the money, and after they were gone home The Drafts came back protested [?] for me to Pay. Over Twelve thousand of which remain still unpaid in addition to as much more of other church indebtedness here. All this is of course to be met by Church Funds but it is a source of continual annoyance to me and despite my repeated resolutions to the contrary I allow it to prey upon my health. I have been very much pressed with business bringing up the arrears of accounts and business of the season. for a month past which has contributed to my ill health. I was very poorly at our conferance [conference] time but Bro. G. [George] A. Smith came and blessed me and enlivened me up, and I quit work a week, and am now quite recovered again. It was an attack of fever induced by cold and mentle [mental] labour [labor]. I have been labouring [laboring] hard a few days past and am now closing my Utah correspondence for the November mail and expect to start this afternoon with Elder G. A. Smith [George Albert Smith] to visit the saints at Alton Ill, Quincy, Keokuk and perhaps to Nauvoo before we return. And by the time we get back I shall expect the Oct. [October] mail in from Utah, also. Elder Pratt and other missionaries.

In reference to your supplying Julia in case of her leaving I would say do as near right by her as you know how, under the circumstances and I shall be satisfied. What she might need and is not able to supply herself with I wish you to let her have if you can get it. But from the tenor of her last letter I Judge she will not leave. I hope whether she goes or stays with you, that you will exercise patience, forbearance, and speak freely, plainly, & kindly, that she may not be at a loss to understand your feelings and wishes and then if she is wilfull [willful], leave her to learn by experience who her best friends are. I would be glad to have her attend a good select school with Sarah this winter. She needs it. Send my letters this winter both over the Plains and via California. Collect your breadstuffs early from those against whom you have notes. My love to Mother and all my family. Yours as ever.

E. Snow

[around the side of the pages]

Tell Bro. Shurtliff I have had nothing from him. I wish him to write me all about his success and future prospects in reference to the farm and its production, the stock etc. Let me know about the load and team I sent you by [?]

Tell Abigal [Abigail], I have had no opportunity of sending her a silk dress this fall but will try and do so next year. I was unable to get your silk matched either here or N. [New] York. You must cut up one to repair the other two and I will send a new pattern to replace it.