St Louis Mo. [St. Louis, Missouri] Sept. 26th/56 5 oclock A.M.

Dear and effectionate [affectionate] Elisabeth

I have sat up all night at work with my clerk and have done so half the nights for sevral [several] days endeavring [endeavoring] to bring up the arrears of my business and accounts and correspondence before this mail leaves. I have been gone up the country seven weeks and business has multiplied on my hands. Having Just completed my business correspondence for the mail I seize a few remaining moments before the morning mail closes to answer your effectinate [affectionate] interesting letter of July 30th.

I believe all you say of the baby, and a great deal more!! would like to be tempted with an opportunity of a kiss. I should not stop to deliberate which to kiss first. I wish you were here. I cease not to give thanks to my Father for his blessing upon you and Minerva, But Oh!! --- --- ---. Well I must submit -- I do not complain - The Lord permits. ---- What had you been doing dear Artimesia? Overworked I suppose -- Overburdened with care! I long to hear the news of your recovery & Pray God to increase peace in your soul, health to your naval & marrow to your bones, and in due time abundantly repay your life.

I spent one day with Sister Lydia Lewis and one day with bro. Charles as I came down from Florence [Winter Quarters ?]. found Charles as big a fool as ever, tied to a Missouri girls apron strings. Ignorant of who or where his friends are! Lydia still is a good Woman and still loves the Gospel. But She is tied to her husband and 6 children & cannot realize the importance of following up and carrying out the Spirit of her endowment. Tell Mother they live in a comfortable Missouri cabin, have plenty of corn & pigs for Lydia to take care of as well as children. Lewis was away among his Patients and I did not see him.

My health is pretty fair at this time. Although I find my memory and my nervous system much impaired and I have had many lonly [lonely] hours since I left home. find most enjoyment when in constant employment and diligent labours [labors].

Mrs. Comord [?] is here and rather quiet. He started for Liverpool yesterday at my request on Church business. Will return probably late in the fall. You will probably hear of Mrs. Wilson daughter of Sister Holman of Beaverly [?] being a son from T. L. Williams and of her slaughter with her child upon the plains near Ft. Kearney [Fort Kearney] by the Indians. She was with A. W. Babbitts wagons. A terrible Broil & civil War has prevailed in Kansas Teritory [Territory] much of the summer. It is a little more quiet of late.

Two large Steamers have been burned on the Lakes this summer with fearfull [fearful] loss of life. And many terrible rail Road [railroad] accidents in one of which [I ?] narrowly escaped. I received a very good letter from Julia by last mail also, and thank her for it and wish her to continue. But she must accept this in lieu of a more extended answer for this is for you all because I have not time to write you all seperately [separately]. Remember me to Bryant and his family including Martha and all my friends, and to my own household particularly and effectionately [affectionately]. As ever. E Snow