To My Father

from Sarah [Sarah Lucina Snow]

To E. Snow [Elder Erastus Snow]

June 25th 1856 [Wednesday 25 Jun 1856]

G S L City [Great Salt Lake City, Utah] June 25 1856 [Wednesday 25 Jun 1856]

My Dear Father

I now seat myself to answer your well oed [read ?] letter. We were glad to hear from you and moreso [more so] to hear that you had got along as well as you had when you wrote. Your letter found us all well then but I cannot say as we are all well now for we have had the increase of another girl since any one [anyone] has written. I expect that Ma [Artimesia Beman Snow] or Aunt Minerva [Minerva White Snow] will tell you all about home afairs [affairs] and the particulars and I will go on and write what I have to say and that is but a little. You mentioned in your letter for Ma [Artimesia Beman Snow] to learn of me whether Robert said any thing to me before he went away. He had a short conversation with me the night before he went away -- he did ask me to live single and wait untill [until] he come back and then have him if he found himself faithfull [faithful] to the Church filled his mission the best that he could he did not try to flatter me in the least but he wanted that if I liked him or thought that I could ever have him as a husband that I should live single untill [until] he should return. I never gave him any encouragement whatever but on the contarrary [contrary] a desided [decided] refusal. I did not like him any better than a brother in the church. I calculate to follow your council [coounsel] and never receive the addresses of any person with [out ?] your consent. I never expect to do other wise [otherwise]. I would not have Robert or brother Larsen either if I could help myself. you say that it would not make any differance [difference] to you whether I had a man that had another wife or not it would not to me either for if I loved a man I should not like him for his wife however I should want to know his family pretty well before I went into it and know whether I could live with her or not. Well their [there] is plenty of time for folks to get married. I would like to know whether it is your wish to have me go through the endowment house before you come home or wait. Ma [Artimesia Beman Snow] thought that I had better ask you and see what you siad [said]. I am not any way particular. Susan and Abigail and several of the young girls have been through. I do not go to school this summer. I have to stay at home and work their [there] is so much to do. I am writing a letter to Ellen this mail. We received your latest letter yesterday [Tuesday 24 Jun 1856] and the mail goes out tomorrow [Thursday 26 Jun 1856]. G. Grandmother's health is pretty good uncle William [William Snow] has come home he came last week. Martha sends all of the love that she has to spare to you but you know that she has to send a good share of it up to Cach [Cache] Valley. And also sister Bextrum [Anna Beckstrom] sends hers. I cannot think of anything more to write. So Farewell for a season.

Your affectionate Daughter

Sarah L. Snow [Sarah Lucina Snow]