Fort Larimie May 18th 1856

To My Artimesia

I scribbled a general letter before I arrived here which is herewith enclosed, but as the mail box not yet passed up, I seat myself in Mr Fuths [?] store to pen a few lines to you about other matters.

first about Sarah. Robert asked me to give him a promise of Sarahs hand in Marriage Just as I was riding away from home. I told him to prove himself by filling his mission then it would be time enough to talk about it. I wish you to learn from Sarah if he said anything to her about it and what re encouragement if any she gave him. To you I will say and through you to her that he is not my choice for her. what he may be when he returns remains to be seen. I don't wish her to think of making any engagements without my consent or even to receive the addresses of any man without your consent while I am away; at the same time I wish her to understand that I shall never oppose her in her choice unless I know something positively unworthy in the man of her choice and it mattereth little to me whether he has a wife already or not. But my feelings are at present that when she has a little more age and experience and education she marry a youngish man who has been raised by good Mormon Parents or at least who has proven himself to be a true honest Saint and one of Industius [industrious] habits and good to attend to business and look after my business when I am away. then I will do well by them both & keep him in my family.

I should at Present rather she should take Mr. Larsen the Dane than Robert if she was going to choose between them.

I wish you to be a mother and faithfull [faithful] counsellor [counselor] to Julia and write me from time to time how she does and what her feelings and spirit is.

Tell Jacob I am maturing a plan for my house and I will have a complete Draft of it made by T. O. Angel [Truman O. Angel] and send to him as soon as practicable after I reach the States. I shall probably wish him to build the west wing and wood house the ensuing fall and be ready to proceed with the main building next year if there be nothing to change my affairs or alter my mind.

If Bro. Olsen cannot live in the basement he will have to have his little house built before the old one is taken up although I would like as much as possible of the old house used in building his. And when materials are ready for laying his up they can move into the Basement or a tent and let the old house be torn down and the frames, flooring etc. be used and perhaps some of the adobeies. [adobies] I shall send a few good [goods ?] for family use and assist in paying for building and next year probably send a greater amount to help build the large house if the Lord will.

We arrived here today and are about geting [getting] provisions from the Quartermaster and we shall then pass on this evening to feed 5 miles below. when you get this [we] shall probably be at or near the Mo. [Missouri] River.

I Pray God to bless you & yours forever.

Yours effectionately [affectionately] E. Snow