Last of Apr 1856 at Ft Bridger & Ft Laramie

Mr. [Mrs. - Artemia ?] Snow please examine Huntsuckers [Hunsakers] last report of the stock in the top part of my desk and see what number of sheep and lambs were on hand at date of his report and reckoning all as old sheep by this time put the full number in the order above and get Shurtlifft [Shurtliff] to see to geting [getting] them all when you arange [arrange] for disposing of them. If Huntsuckers [Hunsakers] family remain where they are this summer perhaps it would be as well to leave them untill [until] Shurtlef [Shurtliff] gets the pasture fenced so that he can take them. But in that event I should like Shurtliff [Shurtliff] to be sent up at sheering time and assertain [ascertain] the exact number I have of old & young of both male & female & see that the wool is rightly divided and if Huntsucker [Hunsaker] will set the time for sheering it will be best to hire Shurtliff [Shurtliff] to go and help and then see that mine are marked and an account taken of them. He pretended since it was all over that a part of the flock was lost during the Indian troubles, but did not know how many of mine. I therefore have written the above order for you to fill up so as to require him to make it appear preceisely [precisely] how and in what manner they were lost and how many. and let Shurtlifff [Shurtliff] inspect the marks on mine to learn how many of mine are on hand.

I have directed Bro. Zera [Zerubbabel Snow] to leave with you a list of our outstanding debts which Bro. Beaty [Beatty] will be entrusted with for collection, and hold subject to your order or mine.

After Shurtliff [Shurtliff] has paid the $162. which he owes in fencing you will then let him use any of those debts that Beaty [Beatty] cannot get cash on, for paying men for fencing the balance [balance] of the farm which I wish you or him to let out in Joybs [Jacob ?] and pay in such pay as can be collected on those debts etc. or such products of the farm as can be spared if any. I may wish to use what cash can be colelcted collected], in the purchase of staple goods in St. Louis to send to you for building etc . in that event I shall order Beaty [Beatty] to send me a draft for any cash he may collect except what you may be obliged to use. We have all arrived safely at Bridger April 27th I feel cheerfull [cheerful] & healthy. we find cold nights. Ice forms an inch thick. feed very short. Yours in haste E. Snow