Great Salt Lake City

May 30, 1855

My kind and effectionate [affectionate] Husband

I have taken my pen this evening to write to you while all around me is pease [peace] and quiet but how inadequate is my pen to convey the feelings of my heart. when I read your letters and realize that you have no one to look out for your comfort, I feel as though if it were possible, I could fly to you that I might be near you to administer to your wants and to comfort and cheer you when you are sick and worn down with the care and burden that is upon you. but you are far away among strangers as it were. but I hope and trust you will soon be permitted to return home unto us. shall it be this summer? I have almost flattered myself you will come but I do not set my heart upon it for fear I shall be disappointed. but be as it may it is all right I know you are engaged in a good work and wether [whether] you come or stay it is all right and I shall be content. but could you not find a boarding place is some small family where you could be more comfortable? we have been very fortunate in receiving your letters I think we have received all you have written for which I feel thankfull [thankful] and trust you are as fortunate in receiving ours as some one of us have written every month it did seem as though we never should hear from you again before the last mail arrived, but at last it came bringing letters for Artimesia and Minerva also some numbers of the Luminary and two numbers of Godys Ladys book [sic]. we have waited so long it was realy [really] a feast to me. the California mail arrived on the twenty fourth inst. [instant – May] bringing us two numbers of the Mormon. all is peace and quietness in the valley of the mountains since the Soldiers left taking some of the filth that was here with them. I presume on this you have heard of the Ladies that have left. Br Taylors [John Taylor] Daughter is married and gone with them. her Mother is almost broken hearted. report says Amanda Tanner is dead wether [whether] it is true or not I do not know. Sister Frosts daughter and her husband have returned they know nothing about her as they did not go together. the first presidency and company left on the eighth of this month and returned on sunday last having visited all the southern settlements they report the grasshoppers to be very numerous and doing a great deal of injury in wheat fields they are also very numerous in this valley and there is every prospect of a scarcity of bread a great many are planting corn where the wheat is destroyed. they are not so bad in the southern settlements. people do not appear to be much alarmed they seem to feel that if they take the counsel of Br [Brigham] Young to make every effort in their power to raise bread and do not succeed the Lord is able to take care of his people. Br [Brigham] Young says if the grasshoppers destroy the wheat. plant again. and if they destroy it again. plant again. and continue to do so as long as things will grow then if there is nothing raised we shall not starve. Br Peterson was up from the farm two weeks ago he sayed [said] the grasshoppers had taken all of his barley and had commensed [commenced] on the wheat. we have not heard from him since the family are all as well as usual little Elizabeth was quite sick a short time ago she is better now and is troting [trotting] all around the house and learning to talk she can say some words and jabers [jabbers] the rest. Oh how lonesome I should be without her. she is a very good child and as handsome as she is good. I presume you will smile and say that is very natural but it is no less true and you will say so when you see her if you do not say it you will think it. my health is not as good as when I last wrote old complaints still trouble me. Br Tanners daughter Augusta died on the 24 inst. [instant – May] and was buried on the 25 she had some desease [disease] in her head and was a great suffurer [sufferer] I was present when she died and watched with her that night. Mary takes it very hard she cannot be reconciled to it you know she almost idolized her cildren [children] I can realize what her feelings must be better than I could before I knew a mothers love I believe the rest of the relation are well except Malvinas little William I am sitting up with him tonight and have to jump up every moment he is a mere skeleton I do not think he can live long he has the drospsycal [dropsical] consumtion [consumption]. Artimesia wished me to mention that Br Hunsacker [Hunsaker] signed the article of agreement that you sent she thought she had written it until you mention [mentioned] it in your letter. he is making butter and cheese we have had two cheeses from them the first one was hardly eatable [edible] about like those we used to have when you were at home. the second was quite good. we have seventy pounds of wool not at the machine to be carded and intend working it up ourselves I am not a very fast spinner, yet twenty knots is a days work for me. you know "practice makes perfect" and I am a new hand. when when [sic] it is done I will tell you how much cloth we make. and how much I spin Artimesia and Minerva attended the Theological Institute this evening presume they are at home before now I should have gone had I not been called on to sit up with William the lectures are quite interesting I wish you could be here to accompany us I think you would enjoy it and I am sure I should I do not send emma [Emma] to school but teach her myself and I find she learns faster than she did at school but I cannot learn [teach] her as much as I would like to for want of books. she attends [?] Cooks singing school and I pay in sewing but there she needs a book they use the Carmina Sacra perhaps you could find them in St Louis and send one Artimesia would send Sarah if she had one we visited at Williams [William Snow] this afternoon he wants you to send the Luminary to him at Nephi City Utah Br Erickson called here a few days ago and wanted Artimesia to send to you for twenty pounds of Rose Pink and he would pay her in Cabinet ware she sayed [said] I had better write it and you can do as you please. My Brothers and Sisters are all well and wish to be remembered to you we have not heard from Benjamin for a long time he sent us Uncle Johns miniature it looks very much like father Martha is still living with Harriot she is soon going up North to live in Br Crosbys house Nancy Buckland is going to be married to Alondis [Alondi's] Brother so she says. Dear Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888] how is your health I trust it is improving I pray for you always that you have had health and strength to perform all the duties that devolve upon you and be permitted to return home to us in the due time of the Lord I am very tired and feel hardly able to sit up to night an [and] will close after wishing you good night [goodnight]

yours truely [truly] and effectionately [affectionately]

Write often it seems so good to hear from you E R Snow

Sarah Eldrige [Eldridge] gave birth to a daughter yesterday morning there is quite a division in the family