G S L City [Great Salt Lake City, Utah] Jan 30 1855 [Tuesday 30 Jan 1855]

Dear Father

I seat my self to [sic] this evening to answer your kind letter. it was a very good one indeed and very amusing too and particularly to the children in discribing [describing] your Boat. and it was just as amusing to me to hear you describe and tell about your boat for I cannot remember how a boat looks. although I have seen them. In describing your boat you speak of the row of little bedrooms and of the big hall that is so beautifully carpeted and all of those nice things. Well to be shure [sure] I would like to be their [there] and see all and you above all of them. but I should not like to own them to stay my length of time for I believe that it would make me sick. well I will say nothing more about the boat. I am now going to school to brother Branch. he teaches here in the ward school house. we have a very good school. the rest of the children go there to school [he] was kept [3?] weeks. I studdy [study] Geography and Arithmetic read in the Guffey’s fifth reader and write spell in [Horns] spellar [speller] and defisor [?]. my Geography is Mitehils. We have writings and they are a going to have a dance in the evening. they have had a party for all of them. I wish people once before and all of us folks went but me and I stayed at home and took care of the children. I have been to a few partys [parties] this winter. we have got a new hall built it is the Seventies Council Hall. they had a party in it that they called the Chester County [Chesterfield, Cheshire, New Hampshire] party for all of the Chester people and mother and myself went with Uncle Zera [Zerubbabel Snow, b. 1806]. you must excuse all of my bad writing and blots and mistakes I cannot think of any more to say so good night [Little Artimesia ?] [Artimesia Snow Woolley Seegmiller, b. 1849]