Great Salt Lake City. November 26, 1854

My Dear and beloved Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

I received a letter from you by the September mail and was truly happy to hear from you and that you had crossed the plains in safety and was so near your journeys end indeed it was very comforting and cheering to me to receive your blessing as also my little one while so far distant from us and I should have written a few lines to have acknowledged its receipt and informed you of our prosperity had I not thought Minerva was writing until it was too late. I know you was [were] disappointed but I will try and do better in future. We are all well at present the children have all had sore eyes they are better now it has been a general complaint here. Little Lizzy is well and growing finely [fine] she is now about as large as Willard she is full of frolick [frolic] and fun playing before her eyes are opened in the morning. Oh it would do your heart good to see her I know it would for it does mine I am going to have her blessed next fast day. I attended meeting at the tabernacle today we had an excellent discourse from Br [Heber C.] Kimball in the morning and from Br Farr in the afternoon. I enjoyed it and feel well tonight last sunday Br [Heber C.] Kimball and Grant came out hard against the druncards [drunkards] and wiskey [whiskey] selers [sellers] and have taken away their licences [licenses] it was geting [getting] to be a comon [common] thing to see our streets full of druncards [drunkards] and there has been some theiving [thieving] going on. some theives [thieves] broke into Br Orson Hydes house not long since they went in at the window and unlocked the door and search’d [searched] the room where two men were sleeping and carried a large chest out of doors without waking them they then went into Mary Anns bedroom when she awoke and gave the alarm but by the time they had struck a light they were missing they took nothing but a gold watch they were in search of money. there has been considerable sickness here this fall and some deaths usually among children Lorenzo Snow has buried his twins Mother Angel was buried last week how many changes take place in so short a time those of us who are enjoying life and health today another week may find us laid in the cold and silent grave but I pray God to spare our lives that we may meet again and be a blessing to each other. take good care of yourself and do not sit up so late nights to pore over those papers your mother is well as usual she was here a few days ago and helped us eat some chickens we had a plenty for you if you had been here. Bryants family are in a flourishing condition Harriet in particular. Martha has gone up north to live she has the promise of the house Bro Crosby ocupys [occupies] as soon as he moves Sister B [?} went to Br Young to know what she should do he told her to take Martha home with her and treat her well and after the debts were paid to divide the property with her she told him she had not treated her well we have not heard from Benjamin since you left. I shall write to him by this mail if I have time. My health never was better I have learned to spin this summer I suppose you will expect soon to be a rich man well I will not write any more tonight for it is late and cold I wish I could see you and talk with you tonight I should like it much better than writing I am in hopes the mail will arrive before I seal this and I shall expect to hear from you. good night. my babe is waking she thinks it is time for me to come to bed. Thursday morning. I have sent to the office this morning the mail has not arrived, May the Lord bless and prosper you and preserve you and return you unto us again is my prayer continually your true and affectionate Elizabeth

write often we are all pleased to hear from you

(in margin) do not eat so many apples next time I am sure I should have quareled [quarreled] with you for being so pigish [piggish]