St Louis Nov 23rd 1854

My Dear family

Last mail brought me nothing. I have written four one [?] to these letters to you every mail. By this mail I shall write but little or it is uncertain whether it will get through the mountains. I also send you some papers and the 1st No of my Luminary [The St. Louis Luminary]. I shall write in a few days by the California mail. Zera [Zerubbabel Snow] mention [mentioned] in his letter simpley [simply] that Artimesia had a boy and he supposed my family now write me. not a word yet from Minerva. I hope she is comfortable and happy. I was glad to get the likeness of herself and [Bass ?] but she looks poorly. Shall I have Artimesia [tend] her children [?]. The Doctor has lately started East. We had an excellent conference here this month you will see our minutes in Luminary [The St. Louis Luminary]. I am full of business with my paper and other duties Elder [John] Taylor, Felt and sister [Leahb ?] are still here but will go East in a day or two. We have been daily looking for Livingston Express [Livingston & Kincaid] from Salt Lake which we heard was to leave Oct [?th] but they have not yet arrived. I hope they will have a letter for me. I am anxious to hear of Artimesia and her boys health and your general welfare. I hope you have wood and a plenty to eat drink and to wear and serve God and love me and one another teaching the children their duty and have Mahonri instructed as baptiser [baptizer] in due time. Tis [It is] dark and rainy the mail will soon close and I must say farewell for the present, all my kind and affectionate wives and children and all my friends. Please say to Bro. Olsen that Shoemaker Nielson from Copenhagen is sexton of our church here and lives in the basement of the church where I have my printing office. Yours in everlasting bands of love

Erastus Snow[Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]