On Board Steamer Herald Missouri River

Oct. 22d 1854

My kind and effectionate [affectionate] Elisabeth:

Your letter of Aug. 30th came to my hand at St Louis on the 6th inst [October] -- Could I have been permitted to accompany you to Conference in Salt Lake City on that day, think ye I could not have enjoyed myself a little better than merely reading your letter of more than a month old? This however not being my priviledge [privilege], I can assure you I did read your short letter with much satisfaction & sincere gratitude to our Heavenly Father, and offered up to him my humble prayer in behalf of your self & child in connexion [connection] with all my family and friends who were assembled in Salt Lake City on that occasion. By the emphasis on the word short, I do not mean to insinuate ingratitude even for small favours [favors], but I cannot help thinking, that among all of you, if I am allowed only one letter a month, that one might be more than half a sheet. This one however being longer than any one I ever before received from you, I will praise you and continue to hope that you will enlarge at each successive trial.

I was particularly gratified, on reading your expressions of thanksgiving to God for that sweet pledge of our mutual effection [affection], coupled with your increased determination to serve the Lord; for when in all you life before, was his favour [favor] so signally manifested, as in that direct answer of prayer, which dates from the very hour in which we asked? I trust that you will never become unmindfull [unmindful] of that promise and covenant which accompanied that prayer. On conditions thereof I feel a continued assurence [assurance] that the Lord has many blessings and happy days yet in store for you, notwithstanding your bodily infirmaties [infirmities], all of which will be sanctified to your good, and in due time taken away. I would here remark that those impurities of the blood which naturally enough accumulate through habitual [cositiuonesses ?] and other suppressions [suppressions] of the natural evacuations of the system, and which frequently find vent in sores; will in all probability entirely disappear so soon as a healthy action, produceing [producing] the natural evacuations, is restored.

To bring about this desireable [desirable] result, how important it is to give diligent heed to your habits and diet. I would reccommend [recommend] that you get some corn ground and some [unbolted ?] wheat and eat mush and milk and a course [coarse] bread, taking care to exorcise [exercise] freely every day in the open air, and on you feet when circumstances permit bake your feet thoroughly every night in the stove oven, and avoid exposure to colds, which always close the natural evacuations; and this course which you will perhaps call doing penance may atone for past transgressions of natures [nature's] laws, and result in your restoration to health and increased happiness.

As to myself since my last letter to Artimesia the weather has been cooler and my health pretty good untill [until] since I started on this trip, I have had another bilious attack which for a few days has effected [affected] me considerable but is now wareing [wearing] off again. I am going up to Lexington and Independence on business and perhaps into Kansas Teritory [Territory] which lies west of Missouri, But I must hasten back to St Louis by the 3d of Nov. to attend a special conference which I have called

I hope then and there to meet with Elder [John] Taylor, Doct[Doctor] Clinton & company, unless indeed I am fortunate enough to meet them on the fronteers [frontiers]. Church affairs in St Louis are improving and since we opened on the 1st of Oct -- The Large brick church we have crowded houses and a good spirit prevailing.

I have arranged for a printing office under the church (in the basement) and expect on my return to commence the publication of "the St Louis Weekly Luminary". Perhaps you would like to become a subscriber? It is only 2,00 [$2.00] a year and you may send me the addresses of any lady that wants it bad enough to pay you cash or anything that is needed in the family.

This being the last mail on which I can calculate with any degree of certainty before spring I shall hereafter direct my letters & papers via Sandiego [San Diego] as well as others on the Indepence [Independence] route so that if one fails, you may perhaps get the other and I wish you to direct in like manner to me, remembering that the Sandiego [San Diego] mail leaves on the 20th of each month.

I had almost forgotten to tell you that for the last few weeks Bro. Andrus and myself have been boarding with Brother & Sister Worley who lived Just North of us at Winter Quarters, when we were married. She recollects you all quite well. It is a good home for us, where we expect to spend the winter. With heart full of love for each and all of you I am forever yours. E. Snow

[Around the margins] Remember that a 3 cent stamp on your letters, answers instead of 5 cts [cents] when delivered here.