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Mr. Erastus Snow [Elder Eratus Snow 1818-1888] Kanesville Pottewattemie [Pottawattamie] County, Iowa

Great Salt Lake City August 30 1854

My dear and beloved Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

I seat myself this evening while all is peace and quietness the rest of the family having retired to rest to write a few lines to let you know you are not forgotten although so far distant from home no indeed you are not for often do I think of the many happy hours I have spent in your society and I feel comforted and strengthend [strengthened] to bear our seperation [separation] for a season without murmuring or complaining and when I look upon our sweet babe I cannot feel to complain for indeed the Lord has been good to me and blest [ble3ssed] me when I have hardly deserved the blessings he has lavished upon me but I do desire to live more faithfull [faithful] and more prayerfull [prayerful] than heretofore that I may be worthy of the blessings I do receive my babe had the whopping [whooping] Cough very light and is as fat and hearty as you could wish to see her she has two teeth and of course is the handsomest child in the valley she is a great comfort to me and I pray that she may live to be a comfort to you also. My health is better then [than] when you left although my head troubles me some and I now have a swelling under my right arm that is very painfull [painful] the rest of the family are as well as usuel [usual] with the exception of of [sic] colds that the children have taken the wether [weather] has been very changable [changeable] this month hot and cold with frequent showers but it seems to be healthy in the valley I have not notised [noticed] but one funerel [funeral] prossesion [procession] since you left. Bro [Orson] Pratt and Eldridge arrived on Sunday bringing a letter from you we were very much pleased to hear from you and that you were so near your journeys end it was reported that you or Br [Ezra Taft] Benson were drowned but we placed no confidence in the report you want us to write about everything so I will write about everything I can think of the walls of the barn are completed they are now waiting for lumbar [lumber] from Drs [Doctor's] mill the shingle[shingles] are still in the kanyon [canyon]. Hans has been sick and unable to do anything for the last Month he is better now. Br Olsen is now building the fence around the garden the Grasshoppers have done considerable damage to the crops they have destroyed nearly all of our oats and barley and a great deal of the corn on the [first ?] two sons of bishop Weeks of Ceder valley were murdered while in the kanion [canyon] by Indians the Indians have found the murders [murderers] and given them up to Gov Young and understand they are now having their trial the Dr [Doctor] will start on Saturday there are a number of Women going back Sister Cobb among the number she is going back after her Children I was very sorry to hear of the death of Br Buckland it was a heavy stroke for his family and I pray continualy [continually] that your life and health may be preserved while in that land of sickness and death that you may fullfill [fulfill] your mission and return home in safety to the bosom of your family take good care of yourself and write often for it does me so mush [much] good to hear from you it is now verry [very] late and my babe is waking and I will retire to rest and dream of you as I often do dear Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888] good night

Friday morning. Good morning Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888] I hope you are well this morning how I should like to see you but I must be content with writing to you it is not my turn to write but no one else was going to write and Artimesia thought I had better I suppose you would be disappointed if the mail had arrived and brought nothing for you please excuse the writing for my hand trembles. I was over to Bryants [Bryant's] yesterday they all send their love to you. yours truly Elisabeth