Envelope July 30 1854 Post Marked Aug 1

Mr. Erastus Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888] Salt Lake City, Utah

St. Louis, Missouri

Salt Lake City - Sunday morning, July 30, 1854

My dear Hustband [Husband]

I embrace the present opportunity with pleasure of writing a few lines to inform you how we are getting along as with our affairs, and also the health of the family which is good. at present, and hope when this reaches you that you will have arived [arrived] safe to your journeys end in good health and spirits and feasting on all the good things that St Louis affords as a kind of reward for your long tedious journey across the plains, I received a few lines from you from Green River and was glad to hear that you was getting along so finely, but the the [sic] groceries you mentioned I have never (crossed out) I have never herd [heard] any thing more from them, all wright [right], I expect for they have refused to pay cash on my order at Livingston and Kinkaid, and the cattle you bought of the Doctor are not of much account they are so poor they are hardly able to hall [haul] adobies from the yard and I think of turning them out to fat the barn is half way up, brother Christianson is doing a little work for himself and we are also wating [waiting] for some iron for braces. I have not been able to get hold of any yet, the job of getting lumber in to the mills has turned out rather poorly so far Charles worked six days and half and furnished his own team in consequence of our cattle not coming down for ten days after you left he charged four dollars a day and all I received from the mill for the 6 days and half work and Ferdinand the same length of time was 786 pickets and 1000 of shingles which has cost me considerable more than it would to have gone to the mill and bought the stuff. Charles is now cutting hay what course to purzue [pursue] to get the rest I do not know it is impossible to hire any more now in harvest time, I received 8 1/4 bushels of wheat with the cattle the man charged me nothing for his troube [trouble] but no [chain]. brother Haight is down after those goods they have not yet arrived. he did not bring your cattle, one yoke they turned out to a man that was at work on the mill, and the other yoke they were like to fail and getting the lumber for the mill if they did not keep them, the contract you left with me for brother Huntsacker [Hunsaker] to sign he examined and said it was wrote a little different from what he understood it and thought he could hardly afford to do it, he has written you a short letter which he wishes me to enclose in this so you will see his understanding of the matter, and write back what you think I had better do with them. the hard ground over Jorden [Jordan] Lorenzo called yesterday to let me know he had disposed of it. he took up with the first offer, he sold it for twenty five pounds of feathers three hundred poles, ten cords of maple wood and fifty dollars cash the wood and poles to be delivered in two months from now, cash allready [already] paid please write to me whether brother Rumsay was paid for delivering the lumber or not, he has delivered part of it and says he shall charge me 6 dollars for halling [hauling], you left the duebill [due bill] with me and that says the lumber was to be delivered, whether it is a mean trick in him to make me pay for it once again or whether I am to settle with him for the halling [hauling] please write and let me know, I am sorry I cannot write something more encouraging about your business affairs but I believe I have written every thing just as it is if I knew what course to pursue to get the remainder of the lumber for the barn I should rest quite contented, I am affraid [afraid] I shall be obliged to make such a heavy bill at Livingstons [Livingston & Kincaid] to get the work done and also for our family use that you will think I am extravegant [extravagant] and complain of me, but I shall do the best I can I will assure you that your out door business togather [together] with my in door affairs freets [frets] me nearly to death. I hartly [hardly] know some times, what I am about it being something new for me and not knowing from time to time what course to pursue to get the work along to the best advantage, how much there will be left of me in two years from now I do not know I do not feel as though I should be of much account by that time. the blessing you spoke of in the hands of brother Bullock, Elizabeth called his office for it he said he should be writing to you from time to time on business and he would send it to you, he also spoke of the papers you left in his hands said he would bring them down in a few days, I have not much City news to write, they had great times the twenty fourth [24th of July] they had the largest escort they ever had, there were about a hundred dressed in uniform Great and small besides many others that joined in the procession Zerubabel [Zerubbabel Snow] has rented the Prison [?] house to put the goods in when they arrive. Zery [Zerubbabel Snow] and Jacob has [have] both become the father of a son the rest of the family connexion [connection] are all well, Charles White and his wife are divorced he has given her everything, he is at his mothers, the grass hoppers are verry [very] thick everything in the garden is covered with them Brother Peterson says they are eating the barley and the corn very bad, things look very well in the garden if the grass hoppers does not destroy them, brother Eldridge is expected in daily I shall expect to hear from you still farther along on your journey. I hope you will write every opportunity and whether your [you] are rested any. I know you are in a poor fix to rest but take care of your self for no body else will. Elizabeths babe is getting along finely [fine] with the hooping [around the side of the page] cough. she fats on it all the time besides has one tooth through, the babies are well when I ask Erastus B [Eratus Beman Snow 1847-1900] where Papa is he runs to the door and looks to see if he can see you, the children are all at school, write to me from time to time what you wish me to do and I will try and do the best I can, Monday morning Put [?] down to close my leter [letter] for the office, the Judge was in this morning to assess the property for the purpose of building a school house and requested me to say to you that Mr. Burns has arrived but the train is divided and that part of the goods which he is to have will not probably be in for ten days but he has highered [hired] a room and pays rent all the time I must now close this from your affectionate wife A Snow

I have just herd [heard] of the death of brother Buckland and others that died with the Cholera which makes me feel quite uneasy about you but you are in the hands of the Lord